How to Make Yourself Famous on YouTube (Part3)

Part 3 Making Great Videos

1 Be the real you

Viewers will be able to tell in less than 10 seconds whether you're being genuine in your videos. Are you funny, intense, or sweet and bubbly? Whatever your unique personality traits might be, show them off in your videos. The same way you'd be yourself with your family and friends, you need to be you in your videos. Otherwise, viewers will look elsewhere for authenticity and entertainment.

  • You're going to be nervous the first few times you make a video - that's normal. If it helps, think of the camera as your friend, sister or brother. Joke around or get deep the same way you would with someone you trust.
  • Don't be worried about embarrassing yourself! If you stumble over your words a little or say something that's not very funny, your viewers will relate to you even more because they'll see you as human. People don't go to YouTube to find polished Hollywood-esque stars. Be relatable.
  • Don't copy other people's styles. Figure out what's original about you and play it up.

2 Offer something great to your audience

If you look through the most popular YouTube videos, you'll see that each one offers something interesting. Some offer amazing music, others offer thoughtful advice, and still others offer a few minutes of hilarious entertainment. What are you going to offer to people watching your video? Keep this in mind with every video you make.

  • What's your area of expertise? Your own life is a good place to start. Offer advice based on what you've experienced, like how tobecome the most popular girl in school, how to kiss, how to play guitar, how to build a robot, or how to straighten curly hair.
  • Offer opinions. What's your take on world politics, pop culture news, sports, music, etc.?
  • Offer something that will make people laugh. Tell jokes, show your pet's antics, parody someone else's video, or do impressions of a famous person.
  • Ask for other peoples opinions at the end of your videos and encourage them to comment. This will help to build your community.

3 Speak up and make eye contact

Just like you would in front of any audience, you need to speak clearly and make eye contact with your YouTube audience. This holds viewers' attention and makes your videos much more interesting to watch. Look directly into the camera and enunciate your words!

4 Have good video quality

This is YouTube, so no one's expecting your video to be perfect, but if it has terrible lighting and bad sound, people are going to click away. The best way to have good video quality is to use a decent video camera. Some phones come with pretty good video features, so this shouldn't be too hard to do. No matter what kind of video camera you're using, do the following things to improve the video quality:

  • Turn on lights for indoor videos. This will brighten the picture and make everything look more colorful and interesting. Experiment with turning on lights placed in various parts of the room until you're satisfied with how your videos look. Make sure your face and features are clearly visible, even if the background isn't. The light should be facing whatever it is your recording.
  • Eliminate background noises. Turn off your air conditioner, get your dog to stop barking, and turn off the TV in the other room. These noises will lower the quality of your video. Try to record your videos in rooms that do not have an echo.

5 Edit your videos

Use Movie Maker or another type of video editing software to boost the quality of your videos and make them a lot more interesting to watch. Aim to edit them down to about 4-5 minutes — anything longer isn't going to hold people's attention unless it's truly fascinating. Keep these pointers in mind when you're editing:

  • Use tools to brighten the video. It shouldn't look too dark and dreary.
  • Edit out the boring parts. Pauses, dull expressions, coughs, sighs, and other boring interludes can be cut to give your video a faster and more interesting pace.
  • Use text and music to add more personality. This isn't totally necessary, but you can add background music and text to your videos for a little extra oomph. It's a good opportunity to include a message to "like" your video, include some funny descriptions of what you're doing in the video, or promote your Twitter or Facebook account.
  • Your videos aren't complete until you give them awesome titles and descriptions, and make sure the thumbnail is an attention-grabber. Include keywords and search terms within these fields to maximize the chance of your videos being found.