It's Valentine's Day !

Okay. I'm teenager. What I should do on different holidays? I love my boyfriend so much. He deserves the whole world. But I have only 5 dollars in my pockets.

1) Photographies are perfect way to say how much each moment with your love means to you.

You can also make a garland, a mug to order, a photo album with shared photos.
You can capture the moment for a long time with photos.

2) 10 reasons why do you love him.

Small pieces of paper with reasons. There may be 50, 100. It all depends on your imagination.

3) Star Map is the original way to declare love.

You can capture the exact location of the stars in the sky just above you on the day of your dating or wedding.

First of all, the gift should bear a deep meaning, be of great importance to your heart. Not expensive.