Бесплатная практика английского в моем клубе с Random English!

6 November 2020

Друзья! Теперь можно практиковать английский бесплатно!

Random English в телеграм поможет тебе в этом! Каждую неделю у тебя будет новый собеседник. Город и страна значения не имеют! Присоединяйся!

Всё, что нужно, это пройти по ссылке в телеграм и добавиться в бота (как смешно это не звучит)!

👉 https://t.me/RandomCoffeeEnglishClub_bot

А как же это работает? Ниже я написала ответы на самые задаваемые вопросы. Всё на английском! Потому что, если вы не сможете это прочесть и понять, вам, возможно, рановато в Random English.

Бесплатная практика английского в моем клубе с Random English!


1. How does it work?

Every Saturday Random Coffee English Club bot (https://t.me/RandomCoffeeEnglishClub_bot) sends you an invitation to meet a random person online for an informal conversation.

- If you’re up to meet someone, great! Accept the invite, and you’ll receive a message a few days later (on Monday) with the contact info of your future companion. Get in touch and enjoy your time. It’s as easy as it sounds.

- If you have a match from the same city you can meet offline. Before the pandemic situation it was like that. So it's up to you.

- We recommend you to stay online.

- If you are busy this upcoming week you can click "I'll skip this one 🔂 ".

- You can always PAUSE your participation (just click "Month pause 🔕")

2. How long does a meeting take?

It's up to you. The standard is 30 minutes. Please come to an agreement before the meeting starts.

3. Do we really have to take a coffee?

Nope. You can have tea. Or nothing. Or a drink. It’s up to you!

4. Can I be matched with the same person again?

The algorithm takes your matching history into account to make sure you never meet the same person twice.

5. I don't have any match. What do I do?

You'll receive one more invitation on Wednesday. It should work this time.😇

You don't have a match because:

- the bot doesn't have an even number of participants;

- someone hasn't replied.

6. What should I talk about?

The topic of the conversation is up to you. Simple questions about each other should get the conversation rolling. Just speak English!

7. Should I use my camera?

Well, that would be nice. It's easier and more enjoyable to speak to a person when you see him/her😃

8. Which program to use?

Any program you like! Zoom, Skype, Google meet. You choose!