CHANGES. Forgive or remain in proud solitude?

CHANGES. Forgive or remain in proud solitude?

It happened to me after five years of married life. The wedding, the long-awaited child and bam .... he has a mistress.

First shock, misunderstanding, hysterics. Then girlfriends, drunkenness and occasional men .... since morning hangover, shame and remorse .... it can go on forever, but in the end you understand that inside there is emptiness, nobody needs your child and as a result you are alone.

I was crazy about that moment, in spite of my youth, to forgive the gulen of my husband.

Yes, it's hard, treason gnaws at you from the inside, you remember these terrible moments during any minor quarrel, you pick yourself and your traitor husband.

But after ten years, I don’t regret my decision. My son has a dear father, my beloved and already such a close person.

My girlfriend could not forgive, in the end she is alone now, changing men who are afraid to take responsibility for someone else’s child and her ex-husband is circling around like a restless ....

I do not call for anything, but before you throw your husband's things out of the house, think not only about yourself, but about the child whom you, along with your beloved husband, were looking forward to.