How to feel like a woman? !!!

22 June 2019

How to feel like a woman? !!!

I am one of those women who wither without male attention. Well, I need, non-binding, flirting and compliments. After the phrase: Girl, can I meet you? I fly all day on the wings of happiness, and without male attention I turn into a grouch.

When I was working, I did not experience a lack of male attention. Once on maternity leave, I lost this option.

Of course, my man throws me a positive charge, but it's not quite that.

Now, the only attention from the man that I can count on is to hold the door when I try to push the stroller into the store or skip the queue at the cashier’s office because the screaming child is already annoying everyone.

Therefore, when I go somewhere alone, even if I go to the store, a 5-minute drive from the house, I put on my best outfits and defile with a haughty look along the rows of the store, as if on a runway at a fashion show.

I come home satisfied, filled with the energy of men's views, such a happy cat with a mysterious look.

And everyone is calm and contented.

Everything is good, but only I wonder how I will be recharged at 60.70 years? Before whom will I twist a flabby booty and smile with a false jaw?