Life stories

Life stories

I have two friends Katya and Sveta.

1. History of Katy.

Katyushka got married early, bore two children, built a house, planted a tree and started a cat with a parrot.

Having lived with my husband for 17 years, she decided that it was enough to live for a family and for a not quite faithful husband, bought a car, went to the gym and a year later on the roads of our city could meet an awesome blonde driving a cherry dozen.


Well, naturally why such beauty disappear?

  Katya brought the novel straight from the cash register, with the gym coach. The husband, having learned that he was not the only one walking in the family, ran to file for divorce, but Kate didn’t stop it, she simultaneously started a love affair with a yoga instructor and it started !!!!

Men changed like gloves, and she didn't care about rumors. What about her just did not say: a prostitute, an old slut, she has two children, as she is not ashamed .... Katka did not give a damn.


  The party lasted two years, until she met a very beautiful imposing man whom she had married. Magnificent forms returned, and with them the economic and faithful wife Catherine ....


The moral of this situation is: who is looking, he will always find ....