Stars like stars ....

22 June 2019

Stars like stars ....

How often, sitting in front of the TV with tea and a bun, we watch the stars with their beautiful faces and figures and think: beauties, we were lucky !!!!

Okay, young actresses, they are still young and they don’t need any tricks, and who are over 30 actresses?

For example, Jennifer Lopez with her ass. Do you think she was lucky? I think that behind her beautiful facade there is hard work and a lot of money, and she definitely starts her morning not with tea and buns.

We do not go to the gym, justifying our laziness with the lack of time and weeping seeing our thick thighs in the mirror.

We eat these damn cakes, sweets, reassuring ourselves that one is not afraid.

I was always amazed by the rave reviews of stars and fitons from an instagram from visiting the gym: This is my life, I can’t live without sports, if I don’t work out, then my day was wasted !!!!

I thought they were lying bastards .... how can you love to pull your muscles on the simulators, how can you love the mockery of your body?

Only now I understood, because I also fell in love ....

I fell in love with pride for myself after training, for what I did, I was able to, tore my ass off the couch. And a slight pain in the muscles is a sweet pain, I just trudge from it.

And the view in the mirror? Gradually tightening the priest, elastic, and not dangling like jelly legs?

That's what the stars say when they say they can not live without sports.

Of course, I am up to Jennifer Lopez's asses, as before the stars in the sky, but that is a beginning.

Do you play sports?