How do you get married with magic?

26 September 2019

How do you get married? This is the main question that concerns all single girls and women without exception. In order to meet the "other half" worthy of you more quickly, use magic rituals and rituals. This site presents only safe methods that can be used at home. Before carrying out any ritual, a positive attitude and good intentions are mandatory.

Magic rituals for successful marriage

Our ancestors have long used magic for a variety of purposes, including for the arrangement of their personal lives. It's about very effective conspiracies, rituals, and rituals that bring us closer to the long-awaited moment when he and she take a vow of eternal faithfulness and care for each other.

A love ritual for a flower

A vivid example of magic aimed at finding your other half is the flower ritual. The ritual should be performed in the first days of the growing moon. Take a white flower and place it on the window sill so that the moonlight falls on the flower at night. Close your eyes and concentrate on your desire to find the other half. From the bottom of your heart ask the Higher Powers to send you mutual love. Then you can go to bed.

The next day you need to get up at dawn. Put a flower in the Bible or another religious book that corresponds to your faith. On the first night of the next new moon, take out the flower, sprinkle its petals in your right hand. Then say the following words: "I, the servant of God (name), give you, O Great Spirit, a part of my girlhood dream. I ask you, Shining Spirit, for everlasting love is triumphant. May it come true that it is said. Amen.

Try to imagine as brightly as possible the image of the man with whom you will be happy and comfortable. Any trifles are important: height, weight, color of eyes, profession, habits, level of earnings. The speed of the ritual directly depends on the depth of the image. After completing the ritual, go to the window, open it and blow the petals to the street. Despite its simplicity, the ritual is quite strong - within a month you will meet a guy who will offer you a "hand and heart".

How to find your lover with magic

To perform this ritual, you will need a lot of patience (the result maybe after six months), as well as the help of your best friend. In addition, you need things of white color: a silk scarf, nightgown, peignoir, and a sheet. All things should be new. Buy on the market without bargaining 7 roses of scarlet color. Ritual that will improve your personal life, you need to spend the day. Place a white sheet on the floor near the window, put a peignoir on your bare body and cover your head with a scarf. You and your girlfriend should remove all the jewelry from your body.

Fill half of the crystal vase with holy water, place the vase on a sheet. Kneel down on a sheet facing the vase with water. The girlfriend should stand at the back and make clockwise movements over your head with a lighted candle. It is necessary to say the words of the conspiracy: "Blood is pure, blood is heavenly, save and keep the servant of God (your name), save from the hour of evil, protect from the evil eye of anyone, from the eyes of men, women, children, hated and joyful, from the judgments of all and gossip. May what is said come true. Amen. Amen. Amen.

A friend standing in the back should tear off all the petals from the flowers and sprinkle them on your head. These actions should be accompanied by a prayer to the Virgin and Nikolay Ugodnik.

"Blessed Mother of God and Nicholas the Apostle, have mercy on you, protect and bless the servant of God (your name) for a happy marriage, for light and mutual love, for the healthy children. I am not the one who blesses this marriage, the Blessed Virgin Mary herself blesses.

After that, roses without petals should be thrown into a vase with holy water. Put out the church candle in the vase with water. Wash your face with water and wipe it thoroughly with a scarf.

At the end of the ritual, place a peignoir and a sheet in the closet - neither shake nor wash them. Hang the scarf used in the ritual on any icon with a woman's face for 3 days. Remove the petals from the vase and place them in three different bags.

In the evening, take a bath in which to sprinkle the petals from the first bag. Lie down in water for 15 minutes, and then put the petals back in the same bag. On the second and third evenings, perform similar manipulations with rose petals from bags number 2 and number 3. On the fourth day, connect all petals and leave them at the nearest intersection. Fill your home flowers with holy water from the vase (water can also be used for washing).

Keep in mind that when you have a young man, the first night with him be sure to spend on the same sheet, you should have a peignoir, used in this ritual. In this way, you will fix the magic act, and your couple will move towards marriage.

The "Wedding Invitation" ritual

To speed up your marriage, try a simple but very fun ritual, Invitation to Wedding. Go to any shop and buy the most beautiful wedding invitation there. Write on the invitation in calligraphic handwriting: "Dear (your name)! I invite you to the wedding that will take place in the city of Lviv... I found my loved one. He is so... (describe the man of your dreams here). Put the invitation in an envelope and mail it to yourself. When the letter arrives, take out the invitation and put it in the most prominent place. Each time your eyes fall on the invitation, imagine the scenes of your love and marriage.