Magic for all occasions

26 September 2019

We continue to publish magical conspiracies, rituals and rituals "for all occasions". Rituals from this collection will help you get rid of the disease, protect themselves and their homes from the negative, to attract into their lives financial well-being.

So that the sickness does not cling

Having noticed the presence of the first signs of the disease, you should immediately "untie" the disease, otherwise, it will spread throughout the body. Sit on a chair or any other rigid support (you can use a large stone, a tree stump or even sit on the ground in nature). After clenching your left palm into your fist, place it on your sick spot.

Close your eyes and focus as much as possible on the fact that you must defeat the ailment. Imagine that your hand covered a large area and nasty oily spot, which, in fact, caused all the problems. Visualize the purple cocoon, which completely envelops the stain. The disease is permeated by bright lightning discharges.

When the "picture" becomes as clear as possible, say: "What is not of the Lord God - away! I send my sickness into eternal night!

You should feel as if a slight push in your body had actually touched you with the Holy Spirit. Imagine that a terrible stain breaks apart, freeing the body from itself.

The small fragments that are left of the disease fall into a powerful, bright green river and are carried away. Rest assured that the sore spot will never come back to you. At the same time, the body should be a pleasant feeling - as if some heat envelops the problem organ, shining like a well-polished vessel. Perceive a solid installation: "I am healthy and cheerful", protected from all diseases!

Then open your eyes. With the palm of your hand in the sky, turn your head to the east and say the words of praise: "Glory to the Father, to the Son, to the Holy Spirit.

A protective towel for the whole family

There is a proven way to protect yourself and your family from disease and other physiological problems. Go to the bazaar and buy a towel, an embroidered towel. When you get home, hang the towel on the kitchen door and don't take off the whole week. On day 8, all households should wash their faces and wipe them with this towel. On day 9, only your hands are wiped, and on day 10, your feet are wiped. After that, the hostess should wash the towel (but you can't iron it). The towel is hung up again on the kitchen door or, at the very least, just put in the kitchen.

A towel that has gone through the above procedures will help the sick member of your family to recover more quickly. To do this, the patient should wash in the bathroom (or bath) and wipe himself with a towel (or wipe him off).

Next, squeeze the wet towel into a separate container and burn the towel (if you live in the countryside, then in the oven, otherwise it will have to be done outside). Water from the towel should be poured under a tree.

This ritual has a limitation: the towel can only be used by your blood relatives, or to whom it should not be given.

How to attract luck to your business

With the help of magic you can improve your financial affairs, become a more successful, happy person. We offer you a ritual, which can only be performed during the day. To attract luck and good luck to your business you will need the following ingredients:

  • a bucket of water (preferably from a spring);
  • Three church candles;
  • A handful of earth in any convenient container;
  • your personal belongings.

Cover the table with a clean (not necessarily new) cloth and place a bucket of water on it. Bend over the bucket so that your breath touches the water surface. Focus as much as possible on the purpose of the ritual, say the words:

"You, the pure driver, cleanse me, the servant of God (name), from head to toe, take off all my thoughts, all the burden from my soul. Just as water washes away the dirt from the stones, just as it cleans the darkness from everything, so it will wash away all the sorrow and pain, all the losses and misfortunes from me. As it is said, it will come true.

After that, carry the bucket into the bathroom and pour water from head to toe. Thanks to this part of the ritual you will get rid of the accumulated negative energy. Now it's time to get an impulse for new accomplishments.

Go to your bedroom, where place three candles so that they form a triangle. Kneel down in the middle of this triangle and light the candles. Say the words of the next conspiracy:

"Holy flame of fire, you have endowed me, the servant of God (name), with your power, with your energy, the energy of your unquenchable that burns near people for centuries. Let it be so.

Get off your knees and wait a few more minutes, feel the energy of the fire. After that, you can get out of the triangle. Candles should burn out.

The third part of the ritual is aimed at attracting luck to you. Take a pre-prepared box of earth and some of your personal belongings. Dig a hole under the fruit-bearing tree in which to sprinkle the earth and things. Once you've done this, go home - don't look back and don't talk to anyone on the way.