Magical tips for everyone

26 September 2019

In the life of an average person periodically arise situations that are difficult or even impossible to cope with on their own, without the use of magic and witchcraft. Our magic tips will help you to improve your financial situation, restore peace and tranquility in the family, protect yourself from a sorcerer living in the neighborhood.

How to get rid of debts

Unfortunately, we all live in a difficult time - the economic crisis has made many people poor. A man who has not had time to repay one debt has to borrow money again. From the outside, it reminds us of the torsion of squirrels in the wheel. The next ritual will help you to attract new sources of income and to overcome your eternal lack of money.

On the waning moon, go to a place where there are few or few people (it could be a field edge, a dead end, a ravine, etc.) and pick a bunch of dry grass.

At sunset, go where the grass has been torn and burn it. There are no words to say. Go back home on another road.

If the money doesn't arrive

On the rising moon, read the following plot for a piece of black bread and a glass of raw water. Unchallenged is water collected before sunrise.

"Just as it is true that the Lord gave five loaves and that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, so it is true that the Lord is merciful. Turn, Lord, from west to east, from north to south. Give her not three roads, but one road to my doorstep. And you, woefully, find your way to the serpent's womb. There's a place for you, there's a place for you to live, there's your being. And I will be dressed in the amulet, I will be tied up in silver-gold. To count my money is not to count. I am not happy to know. I lock the lock with the key. I throw the key into the sea. The key. The lock. Language. Amen.

I need to eat bread and drink water. On the day of the ritual go to the nearest temple, where put a candle at the icons of Christ, the Virgin Mary, Trinity, Nicholas the Wonderworker, as well as the icon of All Saints.

Protection against leaving the house

If you are going to go to a place where you can be under the influence of a sorcerer, then before you leave home, stand on the threshold and say the next conspiracy three times:

"I'm going to court, I'm being carried to my coffin. Ahead of the castle, closed for twelve locks, twelve doors. So close them, Lord, teeth, and lips. Amen. Amen. Amen.

How to protect yourself from a witchcraft neighbor

If you have reason to believe that all your troubles have been caused by a neighbor witch or sorcerer, perform the following ritual. Place new scissors and 6 fresh chicken feet on any non-metallic dish. Take all this to the fence or wall behind which the ill-wisher lives.

Around midnight, stand before the icon of Jesus Christ and take a lit wax candle in your hand. Read the prayer "Our Father". Then place a candle near a fence or wall where the enemy lives (but next to the dish).

Spray holy water crosswise around the entire wall. At the same time, speak the words of a conspiracy:

"In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit! The devil's tribe is forever, not temporarily, in the stinking, stinking hell of the Savior, our Lord Christ Jesus, sent, sealed with the star of Solomon, bound by the power of the Holy Trinity. If from the shore of another, black, revealed, sorcerer to be the servant of God (your name received at baptism) will wish evil, disgusting, godly, inspired, created, made, shared, early and evening, flowing and friable, dead and ailing, to be under the protection of the Solomon Star, the saving light of the Holy Trinity, at all times, under the paternal hand of Jesus. From now on, until the end of the day. Truly!

Bend over to the candle and take one foot of chicken and say the words:

"In the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God! The devil's claws in the hour of the night, the waning moon, I will take away the hunting, I know whose will I am the only warrior in the field: I will turn away, I will escape from the sorcerers, from the sorcerers, from the whispers, from the whispering, from the elder, from the old woman, from every evil man, from slaves and slaves, from the faithful and unbelievers. Now and forever and ever and ever, amen.

Cut off the claws with scissors, so that they can fall into the dish afterward. Place the foot so cooked on the left side of the dish. After that, repeat the rest of the legs. In the end, say the conspiracy: "Not a beast that has no claws. Under the protection of the Lord, I, the servant of God (your name), am now. It has come to pass! And so it will be! Amen. Amen. Amen.

Do not blow out the candle - put out with your fingers, the rest of the cigarette with scissors should be put on the dish. Put everything in a red cellophane bag, leave it near the wall or sorceress's fence or sorceress. After washing your hands in running water, go to bed quietly.

In the morning, take a bag and take it to the cemetery where you feed the feet to the stray dogs. At the same time say such words:

"You, the creatures of God, should eat, but I, the servant of God, shouldn't know the grief, shouldn't take over the witchcraft's will, shouldn't live, should live under the paternal hand of Jesus, under the protection of the Solomon star, under the saving light of the Holy Trinity. From now on, until the age of time. Truly!

Place the rest of the objects on an unattended tomb with the words: "Forgive me, nameless servant, for the sake of the repentant. I'm sorry because it is necessary to do so.

After that, go home immediately - do not talk to anyone on the way and do not look back. Do not receive guests for 6 days (do not visit yourself), do not borrow money and do not give anything from your home at all.

On the morning of the seventh day of the ritual, go to church and put a candle near the Savior's icon for the health of a black magician or witch. It is very important to avoid this magician for all 7 days!