Methods of removing the spoilage

26 September 2019

Users of our site are constantly interested in methods of spoilage removal. As a rule, only a qualified specialist can completely get rid of the negative energy impact. However, if you get to the appointment with the magician is problematic, try to use the tips below.

How to take off the celibacy crown

The crown of celibacy is a common form of spoilage, in which personal relationships do not reach a logical conclusion, marriage. In order to take a picture of the Venice of Celibacy, a magician or other interested person should take a picture of the "spoiled" on a "dead" background - a wall, fence, house, etc., as well as the personal belongings of the person who wants to get rid of the spoilage.

The ritual to rid a person of the problem of loneliness should begin on the full moon. So, on the first day of the full moon, stand at sunrise, take a one-piece coin in your right hand and baptize with it a picture of a person who suffered from black magic. Thus quickly read to God a prayer "Our Father". After that do the same manipulation over a personal thing of the person. Hide the coin.

At noon of the same day take a crystal vessel and pour water into it (preferably spring water). Place a container on the photo, which should lie with the image up. Place the item of a lonely person on top of the water tank.

As soon as the sun goes down, open the Bible with your left hand and put the picture down. Then we slam the Holy Scripture immediately. It is very important to be able to say it in time: "Let it be so! The Bible should then be wrapped in a piece (if it is a cloth). Otherwise, put the book on top of the thing. Hide all this in a hidden place at home.

Before noon the next day, you should visit the nearest temple where you can put 7 candles in front of the saints of the opposite sex. In 28 days after the ritual, the result will not keep you waiting.

How to remove the "dancing spoilage"

The so-called "dancing" spoilage can only be shot on Ivan Kupala - June 24, the old-style (July 7, the new style). You have to go to the water body where you can make a fire. Take off your clothes completely and go into the water a little above the belt. Dance in any rhythm, circling clockwise for about 5-7 minutes. Then get out of the water and dry yourself near the fire. After 15-20 minutes, enter the water again so that the water covers the nipples. Now dance 5-7 minutes counterclockwise. Go back to shore and dry yourself near the fire. After 15-20 minutes go back into the water. This time you need to dive. When you are underwater, say (mentally) an even number of times: "Ir-Suf-Ar-Om-Om-Er-Om". After that, dive in and swim further at your discretion, any time. Get out of the water and put your clothes directly on the wet body and dry yourself at the campfire. Do not talk to anyone until the sun rises.

Removing the spoilage of the "Monomakh's Cap"

Spoiling "Monomakh's Hat" is very difficult to do. The most common way to remove the spoilage is to wear 7 different hats, each for 7 days. As a result, the spoilage can be won only in 49 days. This is not done in summer! You can start removing the spoilage on the first day of the full moon, and for men, it should be Monday, Tuesday or Thursday (men's day), and for women - Wednesday, Friday, Saturday (women's day).

How to get rid of spoilage on obscene swearing

To get rid of the foul language, do this. On one of the first three days of the full moon, make a big and small need, lean over that place, put your hands together with a mouthpiece, and shout out any swearing you know. You need to "hold out" for exactly three minutes without ever having to repeat yourself again. Only in this case, you can get rid of the spoilage of household origin. On the day of the ritual, you can not eat anything, drink water if necessary, until the ritual was performed, not to talk.