Opening of a money channel and a ceremony to increase income

26 September 2019

A person's physical and spiritual health, as well as his or her financial well-being, depend on so-called energy channels, which connect the human biofield with the Higher Spheres. Lack of biofield energy sooner or later leads to diseases, painful feelings in one or another area of the human body. At the same time, the lack of energy changes the current events of life in a negative direction and blocks the financial flow. There are quite certain regularities that connect the overlap of the cash flow with the signals that the physical body sends us.

Blocking the financial flow

If your body sends you a "signal" in the form of a constant headache, it means a problem such as broken communication with others. As a result, you are constantly looking for money, and new ones are constantly being added to the unresolved old financial problems. You can get the money channel working by breathing and exhaling a beautiful shining crystal in the subject area.

The presence of toothache and some problems in the oral cavity corresponds to the situation when the money, if earned, then do not linger for a long time. The energetic cause of painful feelings is constant conflicts with relatives, including distant ones. At the same time, there are always various problems in life, which you have to spend the bulk of your income on. In this case, the crystal should be represented in the back of the head.

Frequent sore throat occurs because of aggression and anger at another person. Opportunities to earn money are blocked, debtors (if any) do not hurry to return your money to you. Visualization, in this case, should be carried out on the throat chakra.

If there are problems with the spine, there is reason to believe that you are always trying to carry not his, but someone imposed, unbearable burden. As in the previous case, there are practically no opportunities to earn money, so your debts will only grow. The navel area needs energy study.

If you are worried about limb problems, take a closer look at your surroundings. Perhaps among them, there are detractors who have hatred and envy towards you. Money-channel disruption leads to frequent losses of money, problems with employment, business difficulties, etc. Visualize a crystal in a solar plexus.

How to open the money channel yourself

If you have a good imagination, you can open a money channel yourself. Otherwise, you will have to resort to the help of a good magician or psychic.

Get up in the morning at sunrise, or in the extreme case, as early as possible. Stand up straight, facing east. It is advisable to choose a place where the sun's rays will fall on you.

Twelve times breathe in and out, relax as much as possible. Imagine that in front of you there is a shining crystal growing in size. Visualize further how the light of the crystal reaches the body surface and completely envelops you. You are fully protected by powerful sparkling energy. Perform this exercise every day until you start to "see" the crystal as clearly and distinctly as possible. In the nearest future, you will see new financial perspectives and successfully solve old problems.

Important nuances when opening a money channel

In analogy, the money channel can be compared to the water supply to the house. However, water will not flow if you do not open the tap. What does that mean? And the ritual of opening a cash flow will be useless to you if you do not have a permanent source of income (a job or your own business). Thus, when ordering a magician to increase your income, be sure to think about what ways you have to get the money. Financial magic should be seen as a decent payment for your work, not the receipt of undeserved funds "out of nowhere".

The ritual of increasing your income

It is possible to increase the already available income by means of such a ritual. Prepare two identical buckets, a coin, and a new rag in advance. The time of the ritual is a growing moon, up to 12 o'clock in the afternoon. You can't tell anyone about the ritual.

So, now the ritual itself to increase income. Thoroughly wash the floors in your apartment. In one of the prepared buckets put a coin, and in the second - pour water. Next, you need to pour water from a full bucket into an empty one, while reading the next conspiracy:

The river flows wide, the river flows deep,
Clear field circle, Alatyr Stone circle,
The river carries mighty water, boiling water,
All kinds of beasts, all kinds of weed to live by.
So would I, the servants of God (name) gold-silver flowing with the river,
Thresholds were washed, corners filled.
To children on a fennel, to old men on belongings,
People to the profits.
My words are iron-coated,
You can't stab a knife, you can't chop an axe,
So be it.
Amen. Amen. Amen.

Do this manipulation six more times. Take a specially purchased cloth and wash the floor in the apartment, starting from the threshold and ending with the farthest corners of the room. Put the coin used in the ritual in your wallet. Pour water outside under a tree after washing the floors.