The secret forces of seduction

26 September 2019

Every beautiful woman has her own natural possibilities for seducing men. However, there are powerful forces in nature, which can make you a little luckier, happier, and also change the opinion of others to you. Men will start to admire your every deed and obey your word. Love spells will help not only to find your love but also to keep youthfulness of mind and body, to improve your social status.

How to deal with your loved one as long as possible

It's no secret that even the strongest love can turn into a habit over time, and a man who has become bored, will take and go to another. To prevent this from happening, perform a ceremony to increase the maximum term of your relationship.

In the evening, stay alone, close the doors and put down the curtains on the windows, let your hair down. Prepare a white saucer without drawing in advance. Light a pink candle and place it in a candlestick (not made of wood).

Take 2 red wool or silk threads - choose the thickest you can find for the ritual. On one thread you need to tie as many knots as your chosen one is now, on the other - the number of your full years. After that, 2 threads need to be tied together - you should get one rope. On the double rope, tie the knots again in terms of the number of years you expect to be paired with your loved one. You can tie knots and countless times as long as you can. We burn the "processed" rope above the saucer and say the words of a conspiracy:

"On clean water, on black earth, on clear fire in the fast wind, from me to you, from you to me, from body to soul, in the day and night. To be me, a slave (name), from now on with a slave (name). Let it be so!

Put ashes and remnants of the rope in a paper bag, which you hide in the most secluded corner of your house.

Variation on alcoholic infusions

To enchant the cute will help alcoholic tinctures of herbs of angelica, hemp, and amateur. On Friday, you need to prepare infusion favorite, on Monday - infusion of hemp, and on Thursday - infusion of the root of the angel. All infusions should be maintained exactly one lunar quarter, and then they should be filtered.

A few days before you need to use the potion, start mixing the infusions. Combine 15 drops of the first infusion and 10 drops of the second and say the following words: "Malchitab osmosis of mountains". 15 drops of infusion number 2 to combine with 10 drops of the third infusion, saying the magical words: "Hat rupa ain kor". Perform the same procedure with the first and third infusion, but the words will be different: "Zaun truly". We continue to combine the mixtures: connect the first with the second, say the plot: "Alaybiz hadma hadma atular orra atular. Add a third spell compound to the mixture: "Dankarion Omani Hub Obi Raon. To do this, just add three drops of potion to any drink, which is then offered to your chosen one.

Using scents in magic

And finally, a few words about the use of flavors in magic courtesy. Human beings are part of an animal world in which odors play a major role in the relationship between the sexes. Smell somehow affects our subconscious, changes the attitude to others, under its influence are born on the light of feelings, passions and sexual desires. Smells are very powerful weapons for themselves. But backed by magic, they increase their strength hundredfold. Read more about it in our next article.