The zodiac sign defines your life. Part 15.

4 October 2019

Evolution will deepen the complexity of one thing while improving the level of organization and connection. In the first horological house (the third house), through language, we have the ability to distinguish between subject and object, and through the interaction with the surrounding to cultivate and develop our own mind. In the second horoscope (the seventh house), the identity of the self is developed through close integration with another person. We learned to distinguish between the subject and the object in the third house, and when we reached the seventh house, we confronted others. In the last stage of the horoscope (the eleventh house), the individual's mind will not only be connected with the close people, but also with the minds of all human beings.

The planets of the eleventh house will intensify a person's collective vision and ideals. Sometimes A is in San Francisco, B is in London, C is in Japan, and it is not surprising that the three of them may be at the same time and “flash” a different idea in their minds. In the eleventh house, we find ourselves not only related to family, friends, country or loved ones, but also to all human beings.

The meaning of the twelfth house

If the heart is clean and dust-free, everything you see is infinite. ——18th Century British Romantic Poet Painter William Black
Starting from the stage of the first house, we are born from the vast and infinite life network of life, step by step to live and grow stronger. But in the eleventh house, when we finally realized that everything in the universe is closely related, it will start to question whether it is really different from others. Both mystical scholars and scientists believe that we are not individuals who are isolated from each other and will interact with others.

  • The souls of all things are connected, and the self will be directly influenced by others. We will soon leave the idea of ​​self-isolation and replace it with a self-extending border. In the twelfth stage, we will feel the melting of self-consciousness through the mind and soul rather than intelligence or reason, and we will also experience the process of integrating with the self and the things beyond the self. Perhaps as the British dramatist Christopher Fry said: "The human soul can extend to the kingdom of God."

The poet Walter de la Mare once wrote: "Our dream is to faint the legend of the Garden of Eden." From the deepest level of analysis, the twelfth house related to Pisces and Neptune represents each one. The desire to melt in the human heart. We will be eager to return to the unbounded source of life and return to the original state of the ontology. Modern psychologists such as Freud, Jung, Piaget, and Klein agree that the infant's initial consciousness structure is Pre-Subject/Object, and the boundary between time and space is I don't know.

Early memories will leave the deepest mark. Everyone is very clear in the depths of their hearts, and the innermost essence is vast and endless. Our deepest desire is to rediscover the integrity of nature. From the point of view of the reductionists, we will be eager to re-engage with the complete ontology that has lost contact, just like going back to the state before birth; but from the spiritual level, this is an attempt to create with self-roots. The mysterious desire of the connection, trying to gain a sense of belonging in the dimension of the detachment of the individual. This is a bit like a sacred homesickness.

At this point, returning to the source of life is a state of ecstasy, quiet, and peaceful, but we will resist this desire, because we still want to keep ourselves in the depths of our hearts, and we fear that the self will melt. We are so hard to let the elders win a place in life, why should we give up? The twelfth house is related to Pisces, and its symbol is like two fish swimming in opposite directions. Human beings here will face a basic dilemma, facing the pull of opposite ends. Everyone wants to get rid of this sense of isolation and transform their loneliness, but they are afraid that they will lose their independent self and fear that the self will collapse. This dilemma of existence: on the one hand, eager for the whole, but because of fear and resistance, is the main topic of the twelfth house.

to be continued...