The zodiac sign defines your life. Part 17.

4 October 2019
In some cases, the planets and constellations in the twelfth house may be related to what the psychologist calls the "umbilical effect." According to this concept, the embryos that are cultivated will not only accept the substances absorbed by the mother, but also the psychological state of the mother during pregnancy. The mother's attitude and experience will be communicated to the fetus in the womb through the umbilical cord. We can see from the configuration of the twelfth house that the mother "passes" to the essence of the fetus.

If Pluto is here, the mother may experience pain when she is pregnant, and the child will have a sense of crisis in life when she is born, and she will continue to think that bad luck is coming. This attitude does not stem from any conscious memory, but a vague view of life. For example, I recently encountered a case of a pregnant woman with a long brain tumor. When her daughter was born, Pluto on the birth map fell into the twelfth house, and she was thrown away shortly after she gave birth to her daughter.

If we go back, what is the experience before the uterus? Many astrologers refer to the twelfth house as the “karma palace”. The Reincarnationist believes that the eternal soul of human beings is on the journey to perfection, and will eventually return to the source that cannot be reached in a short life. Every encounter at every stage of the journey of life is determined by clear rules rather than opportunities. Each of our rebirths will bring the experience of the past world, and will also bring the potential of this world development, and the goals set by the previous world will affect the experience of this life.

The reason why the soul chooses a specific time to come to the world is because the star map shape at that moment is in line with the experience required for this world to grow. In this light, the entire birth star map shows our karma, including the cumulative results of the past, and the things that need to be awakened in this world. To put it more clearly, the twelfth house shows what we “bring” from the past, and these things are often presented with blessings or karma, affecting our lives.

The difficult configuration of the twelfth house represents the lack of abuse or energy we have in the past, so we must learn how to use it wisely in this world. The good configuration of the twelfth house implies the enthusiasm that can be properly utilized in this world, that is, the result of our “homework” in the past. According to this theory, some astrologers will refer to the twelfth house as the house of “self-responsibility” or “self-destruction”. For example, if Mars or Aries falls into the twelfth house, the problem of the past is selfishness, impulsiveness, or recklessness. If this world is still unfamiliar, life may be more "sinking."

From another point of view, if Mars falls into the twelfth house and is in good shape, it means that in the past, you have learned the positive qualities of Mars such as courage, strength and straightforwardness. At the same time, you still have these qualities in this world. You can experience it. These traits are properly brought into play during the crisis. The complex configuration of the twelfth house also means that the influence or energy of the planet is unresolved, testing how we face and deal with it. If you can make good use of this energy, you can get a return; if you run out of the problematic planet or constellation energy out of control, the consequences can be very serious.

Regardless of the theory of “umbilical cord effect”, karma or reincarnation, the configuration of the twelfth house represents the influence of those sources of memory that are vague or invisible. Through the fourth house of the water elephant we inherit or retain the past legacy of the ancestors. At the stage of the twelfth house, we may accept a greater amount of inheritance or memory, which is what Jung called the collective unconscious, that is, the collective memory of all mankind. Jung defines the collective unconscious as "a prerequisite for each independent soul, just as the sea is the carrier of every wave." As the twelfth house shows, each person is more or less connected to the past. There are records of experience that go beyond the knowledge of the individual.

In addition to the past remnants, the collective unconscious is like a warehouse that stores a lot of potential to be developed. Colin Wilson, the American filmmaker, once wrote: "The collective unconscious does not only cover all the past of a person, but also his future." The unconscious is not just suppressing or hiding a lot of thoughts, impulses, or wishes. It is also a source of “understanding and experience potential” and represents a source that has not been touched by individuals. In other words, the twelfth house contains not only our past but also the future.

to be continued...