Holding a sports festival. Part 2

3 October 2019

and so, continue


(1) Sports items:

  • To make the sports festival more colorful, we aim to "sports for health, regard sports as the standard of lifelong health", and take "health, education, civilization and upward" as the main body to implement the national extracurricular cultural and sports activities.
  • For the main content, we have established a variety of activities, such as: student projects with sandbags throwing, drilling through the grass, transporting apples home, tug-of-war and dribbling competitions, parent-child activities, parent-child double skipping, carrying basketball and other activities. The strong participation of students in the competition has created one after another wonderful picture for the previous games.
  • Whether in the competition or on the sidelines, you can see the fierce scenes of the students fighting hard and shouting the excitement scene of cheering. The competitions were in full swing. The students in the stands constantly cheered on the classmates, enthusiastic and unrestrained, and the students constantly organized the waves and pushed the Games to a climax. It can be said that during the sports meeting, the sweat and tears of the students are the most. The laughter and the cheering sound are the loudest. The consciousness of unity and cooperation and the first is also the strongest. "Faster, higher and stronger." The sportsmanship has been fully reflected in this sports meeting.

(2) Skills

  • To further enhance the effectiveness of the sports and art "2+1 project", the activity is fun, attractive, and the event is pushed to the climax. In this sports festival, the school carried out a variety of kick-off activities and “dynamic melodies” aerobics exhibition activities. For each of our students, we have built a platform for self-expression, allowing students to enjoy the joy of sports in the melody of music, and to improve the coordination of sports in sports participation.
  • Fourth, the safety work measures are sufficient to advocate the new concept of sports

The publicity work of the sports festival, the preparation of venue equipment, the safety of the teachers and students of the whole school, all of them are of high standards and strict requirements, and they are put into place to ensure that our sports festival work is perfect, which lays a solid foundation for the success of the sports festival. It also provides valuable experience for the future work. At the same time, we put the propaganda work at the top of the list and put forward the slogan of "the power to accumulate talent for each child." Through the sports festival, the Olympic spirit of "faster, higher, stronger" was actively promoted, and it was promoted to the construction of school sports, and sports exceeded the class and formed a good sports atmosphere. Therefore, we must say to the athletes participating in this event that whether it is success or failure, whether it is glory or bleak, their efforts, hard work, and dedication represent far more than just getting flowers and applause from the students. In the struggle beyond the sport and beyond self-expression, we can see that sports not only bring us health, vitality, but also the passion for progress.

Sixth, the social response is warm

Bacon said: Life lies in sports. The sports festival was held, and the students showed their talents and the ability to exercise, which also showed the collective team spirit. The competition enriched the students' extracurricular cultural life, and also promoted the emotional exchanges of classmates and provided opportunities for mutual learning. It not only stimulated the students' habit of conscious movement, but also actively responded and enthusiastically participated. As the preparations for the sports festival were meticulous, creative, and socially enthusiastic, they were well received by parents and the society.


The development of the sports festival not only enabled the teachers and students of the school to show their physical fitness opportunities, but also issued a mobilization order for the physical exercise after the sports festival. The students from all walks of life took the sports festival and actively carried out physical exercise, which greatly enhanced their own The physique has also promoted the study of various disciplines and formed a pattern of all-round development. The quality of students has been comprehensively improved. The Sports Festival provides students with an opportunity to exercise their self and show themselves. We will also use more enthusiasm to sum up experience, learn lessons, and look forward to the annual event.