Organization of national sports games. Part 1

3 October 2019

Folk sports game

First, the necessity of folk sports game research

  •    With the development of the economy and the progress of society, folk sports games are getting farther and farther away from us, and some have even been "missed." This has to cause us to think. Folk games that have brought us infinite happiness, kicking scorpions, hopscotch, are no longer familiar to children.
  •   Many parents pay attention to the child's intellectual development and neglect the physical exercise. High-tech toys have everything you need to play and exercise in the fresh, sunny, wide-area outdoors.
  • At present, the sports game activities carried out in kindergartens are monotonous and boring, with a single outdated content, heavy intelligence and light sociality, more modern toys, less local characteristics of homemade toys, and difficult to adapt to the needs of the current development of early childhood education.

Second, the importance of folk sports game research

  • Folk games are easy to learn, interesting, and convenient in materials. They are not limited by the number of venues. They have strong operability and potential development space. We can use folk games to enrich children's outdoor sports activities. Children often participate in folk sports games, which not only enhances physical fitness, but also promotes the formation of good personality and will quality of young children.
  • Third, how to use folk sports games to enrich the large-scale outdoor sports activities

(1) Establish a folk game activity area and make full use of local waste materials to diversify outdoor activities.

     1. Materialize educational requirements on materials so that young children can succeed and have confidence. Try to materialize the educational goals on the material. For example, in the balance zone, we put the balanced bamboo poles at different heights, and the children are free to choose according to their abilities. Not only is it suitable for the needs of children at different levels, but also reduces the phenomenon of queuing and waiting in the activities, and improves the effect of the activities.

    2. Let each kind of activity material reflect the diversity of the gameplay and guide the children to create.

  •    How to make the same toy or material become a new way of playing, so that children are willing to play, and thus develop the multi-faceted ability of children is an important issue in the implementation of our project. Encourage young children to play a variety of tricks, use the resources and waste materials around, let the children create a variety of gameplay, improve the interest of children's exercise, and develop the ability of children in many aspects.
  • For example, the activity ball of the "door kick" is made of newspapers. Although it is very safe, the newspaper ball is not a standard sphere. It will change the route during the march and cannot completely maintain the straight line, which will affect the accuracy of the child's target. Sex, some children will take a sponge ball instead of a newspaper ball to achieve better results.

    3. Participate in the preparation of the materials for the event, so that the children love the materials and make the folk games lasting.

  •     To make it difficult for children to experience game materials, so that children can cherish materials and extend the interest of children in toy interest, children can participate in the preparation of activity materials. For example, the music box and the paper wheel made by the yogurt box are toys that children like very much, but they are easy to damage the damage. Please help the children in the middle of the car to repair and maintain the carton, and also make the children cherish the materials in this process.

(2) Reasonable arrangement of game time to give full play to the role of folk games

Using daily life, reasonable arrangement of game time, and launching folk sports games, in addition to morning activities, physical education, and regional activities, we also actively use the morning time, class, and other time to actively carry out folk sports games. Also, we explore a variety of educational pathways to integrate folk sports games into everyday teaching.

To be continued..