Why shouldn't the pole dance be a fitness club Part I. To keep you on your way to happiness

1 October 2019


From the very first lesson on the pylon and much further on, everyone compares their feelings with related word combinations: "Stressful situation", "I can never repeat it", "crawling out of the hall". And everyone is familiar with the feeling when after training you pull on clothes with shaking disobedient hands, constantly forgetting something in the locker room when you can not remember the moment when this bruise appeared and you know that when dancing, I did not feel pain. After training, you don't remember any problems, quarrels, and troubles for a while. It seems that you are exhausted, dragging your legs, but you smile and are inspired.

I can feel the whole spectrum, even though I've been on the pylon for 10 years. I understand that there is no limit to perfection. That pole dance is endless. In my halls, there is a clock to keep track of the time, but as usual, I'm aching when I'm shown that the training time has expired. If I'm a pole dance practice, I'm here now.

Ten years ago Pole Dance made people happier. Now a unique phenomenon is turning into a dull fitness. But you can use pole dance to change your life for the better.

Those who have been doing pole dance for a long time often share what they enjoy and do for the sake of the process itself. Not to learn to dance, not to impress a man, not to become stronger, more agile, and lose weight. We do a pole dance in order to experience happiness.

According to Mihai Chiksentmihai, a psychologist of positive psychology, who has researched the topic of happiness and subjective well-being, happiness is a state of "flow", when a person concentrates on what he does, enjoys it and forgets about time. Such a task cannot be too simple and passive. In the stream, you will certainly learn and gradually improve, becoming the best version of themselves.

High concentration, according to Chiksentmihaya, has a paradoxical effect: it takes a lot of effort, but fills you with energy!

Being in a state of flux is helped by training, in which you are surrounded by like-minded people. Set up on the same wave with you, they support you physically and morally, give you additional confidence in your abilities and motivation to continue.

When you are tense and tired, the only desire is to lie down, sit down and rest. But it is necessary to make an effort and start moving, despite a hard day and low spirits and opens a second breath. You can feel it. What is difficult to achieve happens with less effort, as if by itself. From somewhere, the forces that were not there are taken. These are endorphins, which, as an appetite, come during training. They inspire and awaken joy, happiness, good mood, release positive energy for creation. It becomes clear to you that you will be able to do everything.

Routine and monotony always distract. Mechanical movements can be repeated without thinking. And to think about something else, for example, current problems, failures or upcoming cases. A creative approach to training helps to distract yourself from routine, learned movements and concentrate on your own feelings. Searching for the right movement, wanting to dance "off yourself" or just move around in a different way - this is the inner monologue of your body with your soul and mind, the meaning of what is happening when you are here and now.

Fitness training is always built on a schematic mechanical repetition, memorization of dance ligaments on the cyclic repetition of simple predetermined movements. Fitness is a program for everyone, and that's why it's a fitness program. But think about the difference: "I'll show you what each of you can repeat" and "I'll show you what you can repeat if you want and make a maximum effort". In the first case, there is a promise, a guarantee of success, the elimination of stress, in the second a lot of "if", fear and challenge. Everything, it turns out, depends only on you.

Improvisation is the most important part of training on the pylon. More important is that you remember forgotten movements, train muscle memory, and heart muscle, develop endurance. The goal of improvisation as the final part of your workout is to achieve euphoria and catharsis that cleanses the soul and revitalizes the body.

A person is constantly thinking about the future or thinking about it. At this time he feels bad "here and now". The feeling "here and now" is characteristic of the state of happiness. That's why, improvising on the pylon at the end of the training, we enter a state that can be called happiness or a feeling of joy and openness.

The training on the pylon helps to restore communication with yourself and to feel happy! Come to the hall not to pump iron and storm the pylon, but to get emotions and a positive attitude. This makes it possible to reach any top of the pole dance. Everything is in your hands!