Shall we get to know the top? Part 2

30 September 2019

[TOP 5] Honda Accord 3.5, fifth place in the competition

Accord CR-V with 2008 total sales of Honda in 1 10 000 2000 is the hero who headed the university. Especially Accord 2008 in the import sales of cars in one finishing detail 1 above (4948 for ) placed huge sales were so. At the time of the release of this model sold eight to three 2008 1 PN 14 was released in days.

The chord, which was highly appreciated by users, was similar to CR-V. The body size during Grandeur (TG no Surrey power) was slightly longer, with maximum power and maximum torque slightly higher. Other advantages of imported cars, the lack of jangojang , A / S 1 deohaejyeo such as the presentation of the above mentioned showed excellent marketability than the domestic semi-big. From a price point of view, the difference between the top set of Grandeur TG was only about 1-2 million won, and it was chosen by many users.

Although competitors Nissan Altima and Toyota Camry stopped Accord from attacking at a low price, Accord completed 2009 from 1591 to 5 place.

[TOP 4] Mercedes E300,E-class

Mercedes-Benz E class, authentic, luxury Mercedes " can be called the beginning. Equipped with four headlights, the E-class identification, engine, size, and specifications are generous. Also, the social awareness of C class and is different. It will do so, 2007 Until the year V6 3.0, which installed the liter engine E only starting price class 9000 did not amount to ten thousand won, 2008 deuleoseoya year 7600 fell to ten thousand won the level.

Mercedes relatively pyeolchideon expensive policy Benz five has already begun to slowly lower prices to compete with the 2009 series of 8 pp 31 days 9 generation (codenamed W212) to run with the V6 3.0 version of the liter engine (E300) to 6,910 ten thousand won I went into. At the same time, the name was changed from E280 to E300 to look like an upgraded model. The effect was huge. E launch of the class three pre-contractual days of the 1000th University, actually launched three of the ten thousand months of November until March E300 only 1415 sold for.

2009 12 to February 2009 sales when the year 1814 was completely closed grew to stand. In 2009, the company ranked fourth in all imported cars with sales in just four months.

[Top 3] Audi A4 2.0 - 3 series with design

- Above one thousand nine hundred and twenty-six sales for the Audi A4, 2.0 TFSI Quattro ("A4 2.0") won. The A4 2.0 in the third it is even larger than the radiant D throne segment of the 3 series, luxury by arming the C class of 2007 and 2008 imported car sales 5 above seven shining over the IS, as the record achieved among outstanding rivals such as,

The attractiveness of the A4 2.0 was its outstanding performance and appearance. The first version of the serial 4-cylinder 2.0 ratio (1.984cc) with a maximum output of 211ps turbo and 35.7kg - m was set to a maximum torque equivalent to C200, 320i than the 60PS was a strong level higher. There was also a high level of user confidence in the Audi Quattro system. First of all, it was the design that attracted the hearts of real customers. The presence of LEDs in the headlights made it incredible and especially popular among young people. Besides, the radiator grille with a single frame, which is not divided up and down by the front bumper, is integrated to improve the design. Personal opinion but at the time of the A4 2.0 I don't think it's a bit like the design right now.

[TOP 2] Lexus ES350,Gangnam Sonata Reputation

Lexus ES series has long been a strong player in the domestic imported car market. In 2002, ES300 with one ear to the above, 2003 in a year two above the third place, 2004 from the year 2006 to year three consecutively one was also up. The ES series has been able to stay at the top of this long period thanks to its exclusive Lexus.

The design of ES was far from words such as fashion or dynamics. Rather, it was close to beauty. Here the V6 gasoline engine and a decent quiet, internal level, given the large size of the vehicle's bodywork, are equipped with all the amenities such as German E were slightly cheaper than in the segment. Luxury marketing and craftsmanship increase the popularity of many consumers, especially women. Thanks to ES350 is the year 2009 2371 exchange and sell two crowned more than.

[TOP 1] BMW 528i in still balances economic efficiency and financial strategyавтоматически-bmw-528i-744687/автоматически-bmw-528i-744687/

The year 2009 saw the sale of imported Single 1 car facing above 528i win. Surprisingly, the 5th series at the time was the fifth-generation (code name E60), both ends of the headlights resembled the eyes of an eagle. In 2009, 11 PNs of six generations (code name F10) were released, although five series of the volume was growing rapidly every day.

Really 528i is the so-called "kkeutmul" is 3 Mon 275 for 4 PN 319 was sold for 1 10 000 sales quarter 1037 were recorded on. Merit was definitely a price to pay. At the moment 528i prices of 6750-7750 with ten thousand won, nine generations of E300 compared to 200 to 1000 ten thousand won, eight generations of E280 contrast 800-1000 were cheap about ten thousand won. This did not mean that the product was worse. BMW "s driving sense and" silky Six " soft-textured dish revolves around a series called the LA Petrol engine with six cylinders was enough to create mania.

Besides, the BMW's funding program worked, and 528i began to solo. BMW is the first imported car domestic German headquarters and has created direct financial, operating lease and financial lease contracts, has been carried out a number of financial products such as the installment program itself. Especially in 2009, 9 months, 30% of prepaid rental payments during May 39 10 000 9 introduced an unprecedented program of only one thousand won, this time from the sales of the previous month by 95% was the chisotgido me. Thanks to this combination of strategies 528i are the year 2009 3098 and sold openly exchange 1 rank. The gap with the second place is about 700 machines.

Ten years ago, the domestic market for imported cars was hotter than in 2019. Segment D sedan had 3 pascals, while segment E had 4 pascals. Also, E for each segment, one flow based on the first top, second top, 4 above, 5 had a very intense top. In addition, there are some models such as Golf 2.0 TDI and A4 2.0, whose successors are not very well known in Korea. But now the situation is changing again, there are many interesting prognostic elements in the past.