How to make a small kitchen comfortable and beautiful?

30 September 2019

Dreaming of our ideal home, we often imagine a large spacious kitchen that will become the focus of life: it is such a pleasure to engage in culinary experiments, gather in the evenings with the whole family, and receive guests.

The reality is often very different, and a small room is allocated for the kitchen, or even a modest corner in the studio. Sometimes you even have to take out some of the furniture on the loggia in order to somehow expand the living space.

But even in this case, you can equip it so that it is convenient, functional and modern. To cook on it was a pleasure.

DIY design project: not as complicated as it seems.

How to start arranging a kitchen? You can buy ready-made furniture in the store, and then try to squeeze it into a limited space. In this case, you will probably find that the cabinets do not contain everything that we would like. A small unused space remained in the corner. You have to choose between a refrigerator and a dishwasher. And the kitchen corner blocked half the doorway.

Therefore, we begin the arrangement of the kitchen with a design project. At the same time, it is not necessary to contact specialists. You can take a sheet of paper in the box and draw a plan of the kitchen with furniture. You can even cut furniture and move them according to your plan, choosing the optimal location.

Making furniture for a small kitchen is best to order. So you can 100% use all the free space and provide convenient cabinets and shelves that you will not find in standard kitchen sets.

But there are still some life hacks that allow you to optimally use the available space. The owners of large kitchens will envy you.

Custom solutions for tight spaces.

If in a kitchen with an area of ​​6 square meters you want to place not only the cooking zone, but also the dining table, choose one of two options for arranging furniture: in one line or L-shaped. This way you free up one corner where you can place the dining table.

If you plan to cook only in the kitchen, and eat in the room, then you can choose a parallel or even U-shaped arrangement.

If desired, a full kitchen with everything you need can be equipped even in a niche about 2 meters long.

Several life hacks to help rationalize the available space.

1. Make the most of the room’s height

Make hanging cabinets all the way to the ceiling - in such cabinets you will fit dishes, small appliances, and food supplies. The exhaust pipe, which usually spoils the whole view, can be hidden behind a removable panel, launched on the upper edge of the cabinets.

Use the space above the fridge and dining table: place small open shelves or cabinets there.

2. Choose built-in appliances

This can be a hob, oven, microwave, dishwasher. Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone: you will be free to choose accommodation options, and you can use the surfaces above them as workers. A kitchen set made to order, coupled with built-in appliances, will fit into the allotted space so that there will be no gaps where the rest of the food will fall.

3. Give preference to compact household appliances

Typically, this technique has a width less than standard.

4. Feel free to use custom solutions

For example, if you place furniture on two parallel walls, the passage between them should not be less than 120 cm. The standard depth of floor cabinets and all large household appliances is 60 cm. If the gap between the rows is too narrow, order furniture for one of them already. Along one wall, install standard cabinets and all household appliances, and on the other - cabinets 40-45 cm deep.

Deep cabinets with shelves will be more convenient if you make these shelves extendable. So you will easily find what you need.

Make cabinets of different widths with different gaps between the shelves: just those to fit your favorite blender or grandmother’s high decanter for water. If you immediately provide for each thing a place and make furniture with this in mind, you will be surprised how much you can put in cabinets simply because every cubic centimeter of space will be used.

Even in the cabinet under the sink, which is usually empty, you can make narrow shelves on which to place cleaning products.

Make convenient boxes for storing spices and canned food - also in the size of jars and boxes.

5. See how to get some more extra space.

For example, a door. On a small kitchen scale, where every square centimeter counts, having a standard door is an inadmissible luxury. Remove it completely or replace it with a sliding one.

If your family members often eat separately rather than together, make a folding table that can hold 1-2 people. The rest of the time it can be removed so that it does not interfere.

Another uncomfortable part of the kitchen is the windowsill. It will stop you from opening the door. Either cut it off completely, make it as narrow as possible, or, conversely, expand it and make an additional work surface or dining table.

6. Do not neglect the hood

It is especially needed in small kitchens where air is polluted much faster. Inclined hood is suitable for a kitchen of any size, because each of them has high performance. For a small kitchen, such devices are indispensable: they do not visually overload the space, do not take up much space and work in two modes: air exhaust and recirculation. This is important if you don’t have the ability or desire to vent through the entire kitchen. And this means that you will be freer in choosing a place to place the stove.

7. Be sure to use a compact dishwasher

A dishwasher is one type of equipment that is often neglected when equipping a small kitchen. But if you use the tips above, then you can easily find a place for a compact, and even for a full built-in dishwasher.

Dark or light?

Much depends on the correctly selected color scheme of the kitchen. Typically, for a small kitchen, it is advised to choose light colors: they visually make the room more spacious and fresh.

However, if you prefer dark furniture and household appliances, you should not give up your preferences. You can play in contrast: light walls and floors and a black kitchen: unusual and elegant.

The only indisputable plus of a small kitchen is that everything is always at hand. So, a comfortable kitchen is not the number of square meters, but their skillful use.