30 September 2019

Inspiration and desire to turn the mountains, dreams of freedom and a sea of energy - these are the emotions experienced by almost all girls who light up with the idea to create their own business. Routine, complexity, desire to give up everything and disbelief in their strength, lack of help and inspiration - this is how the majority of people usually end up with this story. Is it possible to avoid emotional burnout in the process of creating a business?

Here's what you should do to protect yourself from emotional burnout in the early stages of business organization:

1. Make a realistic plan

In the beginning, it seems to you that the energy will always be "beating the key", and the difficulties will be bypassed. Clients will come to you in a friendly manner, the circumstances will be good, and there will be plenty of help. You plan and set yourself goals, not considering that there may be a downturn, and the situation will begin to develop abruptly not in your favor. And when by the end of the month the set goals have not been achieved, and the plan is only half fulfilled, as a rule, there comes disappointment. The only way out is to hope for the best, to continue to set ambitious goals, but to be ready for the worst. And to actively increase your stress resistance.

2. Stop comparing

You come with your business to a world where a lot is invented. Almost all the niches are occupied by the old players who have been in the market for some time and declare themselves. The most illogical thing you can do is to look at them and compare their business with yours. Most often such comparisons will not be in your favor (they started earlier!). And this, as a rule, sends you directly into depression. My advice is to change the focus. Forget about comparisons and move on to analysis, error handling and tuning by key parameters. This way, you will get out of the exhausting competition and develop in your direction.

3. seek support and ask for help

Many of us have not been taught to ask for and accept help, and the image of a self-made woman does not include any helpers. "I've done everything myself", "no one has helped me" - this approach seems very attractive to beginners in businesswomen, but I'm asking you not to take it as a basis. I wish you knew how many examples of girls from the "All by myself" sect I have seen! Business is a complex project, a great responsibility, and a great burden. Do not drag it on yourself, refusing to help. Don't wait until you start making millions to hire a first mate. Do not hesitate to ask for help from loved ones. So you will save energy and be able to invest in what you know-how and love.

4. Remember the dream that inspired you once

In the routine, when every day turns into a string of things, and in the evening the head goes around, you often forget where you go. What is all this for? What is your big dream to start a business? Those first bright pictures turn into black and white movies that are not very inspiring. Eyes fade away, the energy becomes less, and I can't believe that that bright alluring dream can become a reality. In this case, take it as a rule at least once every 1-2 weeks to look into the daddy Inspiration. To refresh your dream, you should immerse yourself in it. And live it regularly as if it were real. I guarantee you 5 minutes and your eyes will light up again!

5. Even if less, but regularly

Don't eat, don't sleep, pour in liters of coffee and work 20 hours a day... I know a lot of novice businessmen who think that this way of doing business can be launched faster. But practice shows that you will burn out much more quickly. You just have to lie on the couch and say, "Well, it's not mine, it's not mine", "I'm not pulling. I always say to my students - the main thing is not the number of cases that you can redo in a day, but the regularity of execution. If you systematically overload yourself, the rollback will be 100%. How long it will last - it is impossible to predict (on average from 2 weeks, when you do not want to look in the direction of work). Do not set yourself a crazy rhythm, and take care to choose a comfortable speed for yourself. Have time to rest and recover, have time to live, after all!