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About the phenomenal abilities of cats


The cat is one of the most beloved and revered animals on planet Earth. There are many legends about these amazing animals. Since ancient times, people have noticed that cats have supernatural powers. And it is no accident that in ancient Egypt these graceful animals were worshiped as deities. Many books have been written about the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, but their secret has not yet been solved, however, like the secret of Egyptian cat worship.
It is worth noting that it was the cats that suffered the most (obviously, even more people) during the sad times of the witch hunt. And if the Inquisition kept statistics on the sorcerers burnt at the stake, then black cats, considered to be helpers of witches or werewolves, were burned in hundreds.
Despite the fact that at present most people say goodbye to dark superstitions, many still believe in the so-called cat magic.
What was the basis for such beliefs? Do cats have any supernatural powers or do people just want to believe in it?

Currently, there is scientific evidence that cats see, hear and feel that which a person does not notice.

One of the amazing abilities of cats is telepathy, which these animals possess perfectly. The proof of this is the well-known fact that cats quickly find their owners who moved to a new place of residence. This can hardly be explained by the unique memory of cats, since lost animals come to their owners in a house in which they have never been. Scientists who are closely involved in this issue are confident that cats, thanks to their telepathic abilities, capture the thoughts of their owners, they feel the vibes of their experiences and the desire to find and return their pet. In this way, focusing on the radiation of the human brain, cats find their way home. And it is impossible to ignore this phenomenon or explain it by simple coincidences, since there are a huge number of examples of how lost cats returned to their owners.

People were convinced of the supernatural abilities of cats many centuries ago, but, unfortunately, they did not appreciate them and even ranked these animals as servants of evil spirits.

Researchers are convinced that cats are the only animals with extra-sensory perception, which is also called the "third eye". Back in the 30s of the twentieth century, Dr. Joseph Wank Rain founded the first parapsychology laboratory in the world at Duke University (California).
As a result of a huge number of experiments, the scientist proved that cats possess phenomenal abilities - such as foresight and telepathy. In other words, they can sense danger in a few days and learn in advance about the troubles or death of the owner.
These animals try by their behavior to warn the owner of the impending misfortune. In addition, cats know in advance about the death of the owner or a person dear to him and try to “tell” him about it. They seem to prepare him for the upcoming events - they regret it. In other words, cats can see the future, and possibly the past ...

During the Second World War, there were many cases when cats rescued their owners, warning the latter about the upcoming raid of bombers. People appreciated this ability of animals and in Europe a special cat award was even established with the words engraved on it: "We also serve the homeland."

Currently, no one is surprised by the ability of cats to feel approaching danger. These animals are taken on ships and submarines. And in the cities and villages located at the foot of volcanoes, there is not a single family in which cats would not live. People rely more on the instinct of these animals than on the predictions of scientists.
The telepathic abilities of cats are indicated by the absence of a language barrier in these animals. So, brought from other countries, they immediately understand the words with which they are addressed in a foreign language. Most likely, these amazing animals communicate with each other telepathically, and their cries and purrs can be attributed to the manifestation of emotions.

Currently, some scientists believe that if there were no cats, our civilization would have long died from the plague, cholera or other diseases.