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Relationship with others. Part 2


During the next feeding, again move the bowls about half a meter and proceed as for the first time. If the animals dine quietly, not paying attention to each other, affectionately praise them both. Promotion is very important:
having received it, cats will understand that it is much more profitable for them to get along with each other than to quarrel endlessly.
Let events develop in a natural way: sooner or later the "old" cat will recognize the newcomer, and the latter, in turn, will cease to fear the mistress of the territory. Nevertheless, be prepared for the fact that subsequently between the pets there may be minor outbreaks of aggression (although it is quite possible that over time they will be connected by the most tender and faithful friendship). Further relations of pets are determined not only by your actions, but also by the individual character of each of them, therefore, it is almost impossible to predict all the nuances of the behavior of your cats.
A little more complicated is the relationship between kittens and representatives of other species. However, the common expression "Living like a cat and a dog" does not always have a literal meaning: often these completely different animals coexist quite peacefully and even become best friends.
Dogs and cats, familiar from a very early age, get along well with each other. An old dog, especially if it has a gentle and flexible character, usually also gets along well with a kitten.
In some cases, the dog even begins to experience maternal feelings towards the young feline, to patronize and educate him. Very often, due to innate independence, independence and desire for leadership, the kitten subsequently completely subjugates its older friend, who patiently endures all the pranks of the baby.

No matter how close the friendship between a cat and a dog, an element of rivalry will always be present in their relationship. Each of the animals will strive to gain a stronger affection of the owner.

And yet, often to prevent possible collisions between the dog and the kitten, their owner has to make considerable efforts. Any dog, regardless of the nature and upbringing, perceives a cat as an object of hunting, and therefore, before introducing the pets, it is necessary to take precautions.
The main condition on which the safety of the kitten depends is a good upbringing of your dog. She must clearly know all the commands and obediently obey her master. But even in this case, it is recommended to keep the animal on a leash for a while, so that it does not have the opportunity to harm the baby.
The kitten should be given complete freedom of action. Let him behave as he wants - it will only speed up the process of dating.
If your dog does not show signs of aggression towards the alien, be sure to praise her for it. A quick-witted animal will immediately understand what you are seeking from it, because it only awaits an opportunity to deserve your affection.
The final rapprochement usually occurs after about a week. During all this time, animals must be looked after to avoid possible misfortune.
Particular care should be taken by owners of birds or small rodents. A kitten who needs to realize his hunting instincts can be a serious danger to your defenseless little pets.
Before a new occupant appears in the house, try to provide your animals with maximum protection. Hang cages with birds in places inaccessible to the kitten, away from tables and shelves from which he can easily reach them. First, make sure that the distance between the metal bars of the cage is small enough so that the kitten can stick its paw in there. It is important that the cell door closes tightly enough.

Even if the kitten is just playing with your parrot or mouse, do not leave animals unattended. The kitten's hunting instinct is so developed that it can harm your pet without such intentions.

Many rodent owners prefer to give their pets complete freedom of movement. However, if a kitten appears in the house, you should abandon this habit for a while and place the animals in cages. In order to avoid accidents it is necessary to equip the cells with tightly closing doors.
It is advisable that your kitten forever understand that this territory is prohibited for him. Of course, in no case should a pet be punished for manifesting instincts completely natural to him. It is necessary to act so that the punishment comes as if from:
put special traps near the cages using double-sided tape. Very soon, the baby will understand that the invasion of the restricted area is fraught with the most unpleasant consequences, and will abandon all attempts to get to the little animals.