"Spider-Man: Away from home": What do I want to be when I grow up?

"Away from home" comes out in the midst of the school leavers' application to universities, and the main plot of the film is slightly overlapping with this event. Peter Parker, a 16-year-old girl who has only one classmate, has to choose how to live his life - to remain a friendly neighbor to Spider-Man, who has time to study and friends, or to take responsibility and become a full-fledged hero, on whose actions the fate of not the neighborhood, but the whole world depends.

That is, he, as well as the current entrants, need to understand who he wants to be, at an age when the psyche to this is not prepared and there is no life experience to make such important decisions. And he, as well as yesterday's schoolchildren, is pressed by adults with their expectations. Peter may really want to hang out on the web only between the skyscrapers of New York, eat ice cream with M.J. and clumsily kiss in the school corridors, and here he is forced to save the world. And this is, of course, an honorary mission, thank you for your trust, Mr. Fury, but Peter, firstly, is not sure what is suitable for this role, and secondly, even in his heart, it seems far from it.


I love it when the characters in the movies are shown as doubters. Peter has a real impostor syndrome. "I'm not a hero, - he thinks - I'm not "Avenger", I'm just a spider-boy, I help to the best of my ability, but leave something serious, please, adults. And there are no adults.

Some of them are dead after the "Final" events, some are just out of reach and doing their own thing, not showing any desire to fight for anything. All hope is for a spider, whose shoulders are not ready to withstand the burden of such responsibility.

The world is trying to gradually recover from the events of the "Final", life is slowly accelerating, new enemies appear. And, fortunately, together with the enemies there appears that very responsible adult, on whom it is possible with pure soul to lay down all the powers to protect the world from some global threats and go about their business. The role of the new father figure took Mysterio, who played Jake Gyllenhaal. He sees Peter as good-natured, dedicated, ready to do anything to achieve his goal, understanding what is at stake. He also has stubble - not like Mr. Stark's, but still. And glasses with large lenses suit him. How can you not trust such a thing?

The topic of finding yourself, your place in this world, the need to meet someone's expectations - perhaps, this part of the story makes the film as close as possible to the modern youth audience, which learns to listen to their hearts, not the chorus of those who want only the good of the leftist people. Although the romantic line, full of awkwardness and clumsiness, also contributes a little to this.

The facade for such a deep enough (by the standards of entertainment) philosophy is a story filled with comical moments with a high-tech "here's the turn" in the middle of the story. Heroes travel through bright, colorful Europe, change locations without any logic, as in "John Wick", and against this colorful background begins to unfold the second no less important theme.

In our age of false news, Deepfake's algorithms, and others that can generate fake texts, videos, and images that are virtually indistinguishable from the real world, the question of what is true and what is not is becoming more and more important. What and whom can we trust? Nobody knows. And this theme dashingly twists the plot in the second part of the film, adding earlier comical and generally fresh narration of psychedelic action, psychology and even light chorus elements.

Normal, through the secondary beginning of the film as if to sleep vigilance of the viewer, and therefore on a contrast the next hour of history seems to be times more alive, juicier and actual. What are the problems of teenagers, what are you talking about? This is happening here, this! Large, big, important!

But in this large-scale, big, important, just perfectly intertwines Peter Parker with the self-esteem galloping on the sinusoid, not even trying to get rid of the mental installation "and what people will say. At such a moment, Peter, who has lost himself completely, needs someone who will give the goal, tell him where to go and what to do. And, fortunately, such a person is. Happy Hogan, the loyal head of Stark Industries' security and friend of Tony Stark's, who knows him as a peel-off, becomes one. It is Happy who pushes Peter to choose. Of course, the dirty pushes him to the point of rudeness is tearful. From the series "We bought an apartment near Moscow State University for a reason, son, Dad worked very hard for it, he believes in you. Well, at least AC/DC was included.

The authors of the film play on the powerful fan nostalgia. The story seems to be torn and crumpled because of the constant transitions between locations, and the writers and editors admitted that they had to correct the final after watching "The Final" in order to disperse the emotional swing as much as possible. I think those who were imbued with the Final appreciated the changes.