I'd rather not have that color when the lime blossoms...!

26 September 2019

In midsummer, there comes an inevitable day when the city plunges into a delicate, delicate honey aroma - it blossoms lime!


In ecologically clean places

In the south, this period comes earlier, in the west and north, later, but when it comes, we know it's time to collect linden flowers. Of course, this should not be done in the city, but in the forest, in ecologically clean places. During the blossoming period, the trees are covered from top to bottom with fragrant yellowish flowers, gathered in semis with a large as dragonfly's wing flower. The medicinal properties of these fragrant inflorescences are known to all. Good linden as a fever-reducing agent, as enveloping in case of throat and stomach diseases. The linden contains binders, pectins, fats, apple, tartaric and acetic acids. Linden flowers are among the abundant honeymooners. And golden-yellow linden honey, transparent and fragrant, is considered the best among the many varieties.

And also cosmetics

But, after all, from flowers of a linden it is possible to prepare also the fine cosmetic means, especially effective for women. It turns out that phytohormones, which are so rich in linden, are very similar in composition to female sex hormones, and this causes them to rejuvenate the female body.

After 35

Not without reason phytotherapists advise women after 35 years of age to drink small sips of lime broth in the morning (1 tsp. of flowers per glass of water) periodically (1 month every six months). The same broth can also wipe the face, because, thanks to the large number of mucous compounds, linden perfectly moisturizes, softens and soothes the skin, especially dry and sensitive.

Masks, creams and lotions

I'm not talking about numerous masks, creams, face lotions based on linden and linden honey. In modern dermatology and cosmetics both honey and lime color are widely used. Essential oil of linden flowers is a part of some perfumery products.

Mask for skin firmness and pore reduction

- A handful of linden flowers should be filled with 100 g of hot water and brought to the boil. If the skin is oily, you can take more flowers. Apply the mucous membrane to the face in a warm form. Leave for 15-20 minutes and carefully remove with a dry tampon.

Mask for softening and cleansing the skin

- Folded in several layers of gauze, soak in decoction of lime color and apply to the face for 10 minutes. After the mask, apply a nourishing cream. With dry skin, this mask is useful to do after a day.

Toning and cleansing lotion

- It can be applied to any skin, but if the skin is dry, it is necessary to apply a thin layer of nourishing cream on the face and neck immediately after the procedure. So, take one p.l. of St. John's wort, chamomile flowers, lime color, mint leaves and pour the 2nd glass of boiling water. We insist on 1 hour, sieve and add 5 tbsp of vodka.

Lotion for sluggish, flabby, wrinkled skin

- Mix a tablespoon of linden flowers with the same amount of shredded greenery of dill, then one tablespoon of the mixture to brew 1.5-2 glasses of boiling water, to insist, strain. Wipe the face in the morning and evening.

Hot decoction of linden can be used as a compress on top of the mask of fruit - it prevents skin tightening, in addition, moisturizes it.

Nourishing and bioactive cream

- Strengthens the skin, moisturizes it, makes it young, gentle and supple. This is a recipe of Indian folk cosmetologists: 3 tbsp almond oil mixed with 4 tbsp of blossoming linden flowers and 1 tbsp lanolin. Mug with the mixture is put on a water bath and let boil for an hour. Then strain the mixture and whip it and slowly add warm water, about 0.5 cups. The cream is ready.

Wrinkle lotions

- Lipu, chamomile and sage take in equal parts, 2 tbsp. collection pour 1 glass of boiling water. Let infuse half an hour, strain and freeze. Use cubes of such ice to wipe your face twice a day.

- It is useful to wash your face (especially in summer) with water mixed with the infusion of lime flowers, green raspberry leaves (on a tablespoon on a glass of boiling water). If this infusion is frozen, rubbing the resulting ice will help fight wrinkles.

For hair

- To revive the hair, return them to their beautiful shine and save them from falling out, after each wash should rinse them in broth of lime color for at least 5 minutes (0.5 liters of water - 8 tablespoons of lime color, boil for 20 minutes, cool down).

- It is good to rinse after washing your hair infusion of lime color and mint (2 tablespoons of sliced herbs to brew a glass of boiling water).

A couple of words of praise for the lime honey!

The trees of lime trees blossom, humming over the flowers of the worker of bees, collect

one of the best, tastiest, flavorful and valuable honey is fake. Not without reason beekeepers consider linden to be the "queen of honey-bearing plants". Lip honey is extremely useful both for treatment and prevention of various diseases, it can be said to be universal, suitable for everyone, and it is almost never allergic.

And in the morning on an empty stomach

It's very good for women to drink honey on an empty stomach in the morning. Natural microflora should be in the mouth, so you don't need to drink honey in the morning.

This procedure is a good prevention of eye disease, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improves vision, serves as a general tonic and rejuvenating agent. Drink honey for two weeks. Then take a break for two weeks.

Honey drops (a drop of liquid honey per 10 drops of purified water) are useful for those whose work is related to eye strain (computer).

Massage with fake honey

Very beneficial effect on the whole body, and especially on the eyes, massage with lime honey. The procedure looks like this:

Apply fake honey to the fingertips and rub the cervical collar zone. Blooding should be done within 5-7 minutes before redness. Then apply the honey again and repeat the procedure two or three times until it is absorbed. If this zone absorbs, it means that there is a lack of some nutrients.

When honey stops to be absorbed, we lie down in a bath with warm 35-40 degrees water for 10-15 minutes. The procedure is repeated twice a week. Very good honey masks - they soften, strengthen and nourish the skin, increase its elasticity and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. It should be remembered that all honey masks are washed away only with cool water without foaming agents. Fresh honey masks should be applied at least twice a week to prevent wrinkles.

Can be bought at a pharmacy

If it so happens that the linden has already blossomed in your region, and you do not stock up on the raw materials, there is a way out - to buy dried flowers in a pharmacy, well, and the easiest - to buy linden tea in bags, and after brewing them to wipe their faces.

Lip color will give you health and beauty for many years!