Why "Cinderella" is a bad tale

27 September 2019

"Cinderella, girls are a bad story. That is, she is not bad if you read it or watch it in a movie. But here are the ideas to build a life on the Cinderella model usually turn out to be big trouble. Because the princes will not be attacked by everyone.


Contemporary Cinderella

Now the plot of "modern Cinderella" is extremely fashionable in the media. The plot is standard and simple: a young charming provincial girl with her smile/spiritual qualities/sexual coolness (depending on the rating of the program), promises the capital's oligarch, marries him and thus solves all his problems.It is good for those who understand that this is a fairy tale. That oligarchs marry in a completely different way (and if so, then one in a million). But it is known that the majority of today's graduate girls seriously include marriage to an oligarch in their life programs. And what, the heroine of the series could, and what is the worse I can do? I'm young too, fresh and not at all against in bed...Again, it's good if a couple of years after graduating from school, a clash with reality knocks the idea out of a girl's head. And if not?

Get rid of pink glasses

Over time, of course, reality darkened the pink glasses a little bit, it became clear that the oligarchs behind the young freshness in line are not standing in line, and the girls' appetites decreased. But the damned model turns out to be so ingrained in the head that it is not knocked out even a few years of hard life.And the main thing that Cinderella is looking for is to solve the problem with the living space.

Damn housing crisis

The damned housing crisis has led to strange effects. I know a lady. Smart (seemingly), beautiful, spectacular, well-groomed, business-like, great mistress (according to her). In the list of requirements for her chosen one she almost put "he should have his apartment" first. The reason for this was that I was good enough to qualify for a sufficiently successful man with his apartment. Subtext: I am so tired of scandals with my parents...The years go by, this lady is now under thirty, and she is still waiting for her prince with the apartment.But it's still nothing. This is the most harmless option: no one but herself, this lady does not make it worse.

Girls from the Moscow region

Much more horrible are the girls from the near Moscow and the far-away CIS, dreaming of moving inside the Moscow Ring Road.It is clear. The difference in salaries and the quality of infrastructure is such that it is possible to understand these girls as human beings. The only way to solve the problem is to find a man who will provide them with a place to live for sex. They have different appetites from the girls, but they all disagree categorically with the room in the apartment of the man's parents. First, they move into this room, hoping to convince the guy to rent them an apartment - well, because sex in a separate apartment is much cooler! After a few months, realizing that the guy is quite happy with life in his room and is not going to rent an apartment for some whore, leave. They are looking for the next one.One of my relatives has already had four of these girls. God knows where he gets them and why he can't find any normal girls. In general, he does not mind to get married, but his life together with these girls does not work out. It seems that the wives of them are not very good. Even in a separate rented apartment. He also tried to rent an apartment - no use.And the chests open simply: girls need a living space, not a man. They are ready to pay a man for this living space - sex, marriage, even children. But they don't see the man at point-blank range. And to him, that is to say to the man, it is not enough. He needs not only the lower part of the woman's body but also her eyes, soul and other strange junkies. And it turns out that all the other parts of the girl are inappropriate. It's not that they're not there, they're just not the same. And to live with only one... The fact that between the legs, a man quickly becomes uninteresting.

And the boyfriend is suffering

The situation is worse here - the guy suffers, but partly because of his stupidity. In the end, he will understand that he is looking for the wrong place, and everything will be fine. But there is an effective and terrible. Three families have already collapsed in front of me because of these "Cinderella because of MKAD".Men in their forties, as you know, are gray in the beard, devil... to the same place. Their wives, my peers, who have lived with them for 15-20 years, are no longer young. Their breasts began to lose their firmness, and their relationship with them was the last bit of novelty. They went through the terrible nineties (and no one will give them a hero medal), which now began to respond to their health and appearance.

And the grass doesn't grow

And for Cinderella because of the MKAD, any man who has a living space in Moscow is a prince. They do not think at all what kind of living space this is. Maybe it's a slum or a communal house, or a room in the parents' apartment, or he lives on his wife's living quarters and will be expelled from there at the first betrayal. It just doesn't occur to them. The main thing is to be inside the Moscow Ring Road, and there is no grass to grow.

Popami in front of 40-year-olds

And those cinderella's got their asses in front of the 40-year-olds. What place do men think, being guided by it - it is clear that not with ahead. The head turns off. Cinderella quickly drags the married "prince" into bed, hoping that the twenty years of youth will be enough bait to drag a man away from his middle-aged wife.

What did I see in it?

And it turns out. Three fucking divorces before my eyes after twelve, fifteen, seventeen years together. With teenage children. Dumbfounded by the seemingly returned youth, the forty-year-old man is running after her, unable to stop.But all three of these cases turned out to be bullshit. Having found the coveted young Cinderella body, the guys enjoyed it for a couple of months - and then it turned out that nothing was ever there, and that being in the same room they are not only not great, but disgusting in general. There was too much difference in approaches to life and cultural contexts. And one lower part of the female body, as mentioned above, is not enough for a long relationship. Guys are all developed, intelligent, not loaders what. And as if the veil fell from the eyes: what did I see in it? Why did I run?And the guys tried to return to their wives. But my wives wouldn't let me in. Because this is not forgiven.

In the middle of the wreckage

Having put a foundation cream on the bruises under their eyes and covered the gray area, the women continued to live on - and someone found a new love, someone new interesting job ... and no one needed ex-husbands, chasing a ghost, stayed in the middle of the wreckage of life. The fate of "Cinderella" in these cases, I do not know. Yes, and somehow little interest, to be honest.

Don't run after bubbles

Or maybe it is not necessary? Or maybe not to chase bubbles? (For men) Or maybe you should live and improve your life with your head and hands, not with your lower body? (For women.) For it does not lead to anything good."Cinderella is a bad model for life, honestly.