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Как весело и с пользой пережить самоизоляцию

you hear me fix the microphone

9 November 2019

you hear me fix the
microphone yo
what's up would show what time is he for
what up don't fall this time man we're
gonna see money you know it's now
something expected you know you can just
come like right now damn is 5:13
p.m. for somebody else
damn 7 p.m.
damn it's 9 a.m. for me 9 9 14 but
let's go should we cook up from scratch
or should we do should we do looks
already I'm down to do both
oh I'm in Los Angeles yeah California
now let's do scratch let's just crash
and then we're going to lose but yeah
there's this question that we're going
to loops I'm gonna go straight I don't
know what the fuck I'm saying addictive
keys I like using um key scape to be key
skeptics like some kind of times to like
load so I'm sure I just like to use that
cuz it's like quick and ya feel me
quick I should say no homo right now
yeah no homo checking my phone real
quick yeah
let's start with this bitch turn the
volume down
all right I feel like I just want to I
want to just record these this slope
right there and then this column a photo
where I'm like slow motion
oh what the fuck
oh that's why I had another one open but
I forgot the codes I just used
and I'm gonna just add the cause to that
sheet and then it's gonna be good I'm
just gonna click some shitty
- had another one
I need to spit that shit out later
yeah so that sounds cool fuck my I just
don't want to use the great thing
because I need to keep something like I
choked on play
yeah that's cool you see the commands Oh
famous text had a seizure last night
what what you say famous lecture I had a
I got a chainsaw
bruh had a decision what he was
performing but what the fuck
damn damn bro
I just go
I kind of fucked up
I miss you how I can fix this shit
I um I got a woman tanks I mean one more
I want to be p.m.
Wow some delay
good I just want to that song good uh-oh
I'm gonna just switch it with something
your own
I'm back
n't remember what I was going
to use where is this damn sounds bro all
right there
oh I think we got one uh sure
should I let the hi-hats there um I'm
gonna drop some sauce with the Metis
right don't tell me this is no fire bro
come on bro and they said I can cook up
from scratch bro I'm trash because I use
loops bro damn Oh No def here right now
well listen to this
oh no yo should have something else cuz
I feel like it's kind of for really I
feel like it's kind of fool let me know
if I show had something like bears
believe I mean I think I'll it's gonna
be too much for you me I'm open to
advices let me get some feedback here
really made but already we've been
waiting on you to do some live on his
channel bro but you are here playing for
now come already
your congrats to ready-made he's just
got his first goal plug for the song by
little TJ and Jake rich called ruthless
if you haven't heard that song go check
it out it's produced by already made and
that's his first black let me just I'm
under sir arranged key
I mean arrange the beat but oh yeah
that's what I'm missing
let me arrange it checking the comments
feel quick show us the tank that should
be for nad choppa that sounds cool but
dozens kind of gay at the same time but
you should have seen the homo oh but
that's not that's not a dude that's a
girl a very yeah that's a girl a very
elite no sorry
your question question did your so did
you see young QIOs last week on Twitter
if yeah let me know because it's a
funniest way and it's pretty accurate
brother whoever is that asking for that
midnight collab brought us I look for it
and I didn't find anything called
midnight vibes so if I did if I don't
have anything of that name which means
that I never finished the beat so it's
rubbing on my FA then I gotta check out
the project to see where it is but but
yeah I'm gonna check it out catch ya yo
soon as she huh I roasted at that dude
now she's done
yo let me get an F for it
what's good moves I guess it wasn't
let me try clouds oh yeah let me try
I don't okay great no I mean I got
something called grapes oh no name check
Milky Way
I like Milky Way thank you
I like oh should we make another one
from scratch or should we do something
oh no not November was a good one too
cranberries Milky Way
okay scratch little loop scratch yo
let's do let's do another one from
scratch and then and then we do loops am
i use omnisphere
come on load not load this is taking her
along too low
let's go
that's a good a sound no for today
I got an idea make some 21 savage type
she 135
I'm a recode issue right there
okay I messed up the turd
so much do the doors
I got an idea
I think needs to be slower and
we're gonna add like a bear
I let you down let me recall the shit
and then I know what I'm gonna add and
he's gonna I think it's gonna sound
- the peach - one two three four five
and do the same shit one two three four
to addictive jumps instead of pretty
yo ain't nothing out of keep bitch no my
bad I'm just nothing that's the that's
how I want him I want it to sound I
don't want it to sound like - like - I
won't say cooperate I don't want it to
sound like some shit that you would like
expect like it was the point in like
there is no point like I want you to be
like oh yeah that's gonna sound like
this now bro like it's gonna be
different but if you don't fuck with it
is your choice I'll stick on the set it
if I figure six figures yo
I fuck with it
did she hard there are sounds like when
I start making that be I was like yeah
that's a 21 Suresh type shit
you know let me get it let me get an F
for that beat that beat is pre done let
me get a name
and James Jackson what you mean
can get pride genocide
yeah like the own genus Oh No oh sorry I
don't how to pronounce it won't early I
should we do loops now loops or um
scratch let me know selects a meme bro
the foot
loop's scratch loop scratch loop scratch
I don't know man you tell me
Rhea producer the latest track you drop
less and learn go out thank you bro
sure the looks okay we're gonna do loose
but first let me switch the screen uh-oh
so I just launched the cash game urge
that you can find right there and first
link in the description just right there
and I'm doing some kind of contests like
if you purchase a shirt or hoodie it's a
really good quality by the way it's not
no one more quality otherwise I wouldn't
sell you for that price you know so I
paid that price to make like I didn't
want to make something cheap you know I
want it like I don't want I don't want I
didn't wanted to make something like the
yo we're gonna like buy and then after
like one or two wash it would be like Oh
fuckin you'll be like yeah my solar some
wack-ass squirty so he'll know I put in
work for them sheets like about the best
quality ever then I put in like I think
it's a good price for what the quality
what its gonna bring you so the contest
was the contest is like if you get one
one sure like a hoodie awesome I'm gonna
pick two or three buyers and give them
my two neutron kids that might not even
drop like it's like junkies die juice
everyday I might not even drop them it's
called astral world and Mexico you
probably see me using them on the lives
so if you want to like won't get do if
you want to get those through junkies
for free then it's the play and I really
like this hoodie right there the the
bash that cool as hard a hurry on
yesterday and breath how does fuck this
one is how to and that them shirts out
and we got all kind of colors if you
want to order get black we got you see
me right there we got orange we got red
blue this one got all kind of colors
yeah it's it's super hot so if you if
you can't buy then school I'm also gonna
do giveaways but it's not gonna be right
now and um yeah if you can buy you can
promote I mean no promo you can share
the page if you want support again you
know just do your thing and yet ready I
got you bro so yeah if you want to like
support and get them to trim kids for
free then it's the day main cup of shirt
represent the gang couple hoodie and get
let's get let's get back to the loops
now let's go live guitarist Rizzo
after you said guitar bro I can't play
nothing from Drive and you send me beats
bro oh and also I added the new link for
the diss culture so trendek a shame this
culture is the last I'm right here is
the last link in the description so just
um trying the group shot and then yeah
ma am i I'm gonna be only Everyday know
like for long but she's gonna be like
saying hi and she you know so trying to
do this code it's the last link in the
description and make sure to go to get
some merch inspired by cubies can't play
can't play
come on
what the fuck how did she know working
again do I gotta um refresh the page
breath is not working then we're gonna
have to do we're gonna do we're just
going to scratch again cause it's not
even playing
no brought these two too sad
okay some cubed she I'm Moochi so
no I don't know bro
now bro
let's do more devious melody
this is the one right there yeah yeah
this is the one don't
why is my keyboard not working
your monkey boys not working
okay good
oh yeah my scream
this hon
yo is a looper man bro this a looper man
is it from is it from the ones that do
from visa is that from minor to go
ap gonna make a fire but somebody played
a guitar with the feet
and I don't really even if it was a
loving man I don't I don't care cuz it's
Brody free
the hot perfect bro
he's the bounce bro the bounce bro
my name is cash bounce AP bro AP money
bounce bro you did slam slap hey I feel
like gave easy now
I didn't play the hi-hats right now what
I do is like every time I make a beat
I saved the Metis for the hi-hat so
whenever I'm like lazy to do high hats
then I just slide slide a present like I
just did and then when I do their own
lives so when I do it on live y'all
won't see like how I do my shit so you
won't be able to copy fill me again
damn if some of your pussies don't
believe when I do my house
if you check right there at the end and
all them shits right there and there is
one called obvious right there that's a
song I deal with giving gates called
real big speakers so I just ate the
house just so I can tell you floaty star
right there that was a look from Neil's
that is a me and me and Jason we did the
song for for his name again kidding and
worry fresco called bats fly and I just
saved the present so if you don't
believe it then you can lick your own
big bitch no homo no homo Robbie funny
who somebody said reverse it that's
actually a nice idea yo I wouldn't think
about it let me try just the grass be
wound where's the reverse where's the
reverse where is the reversehat's how that's hard but
I'm gonna do another way cause it sounds
kind of weird like that so let me just
do it like this
cool let's see let's see how I sound
right now I won't put down down a little
oh this is hot as fuck or Alden
come on bro come on bro is she hot
somebody said that becoming hard um
that's kinda gay bro you should I say no
homo bro no homo
like the baby said in a song I think
it's there you go on the album said no
homo I got my ass kicked no more sober
should I say no homo
I think I'm okapis it's too nice one
I just put a after
somebody said to the piano in the outro
oh yeah I should maybe do a piano right
there let me try
also shout out to the person to just
purchase a hoodie shout out to shout out
to Roman Romanenko from Russia
preciate brain then you pick the maroon
that's the sapphire scholar shout out to
you bro appreciate it
let's go
yeah this house I gotta fix right there
somebody say I'm Way better than cash
money P I'm making beats the undercover
bendy okey sound is too rowdy
I think I should take this I should take
this one off
all right I must stop
I fucked up one I fucked up
yeah it is hard this is this is a banger
oh this is really fire I think
hey let me get let me get a name for
that video that bee is fucking hard is a
banger it's a beggar right there this is
a beggar
forget to join the discord the link is
in the description last link in
description is the dis culture the
Kasden discord Sharma sure to join it
let me get a name
I think skywalks catwalk in his Google
Sky walking 134 BPM produced by cash
money AP & VV s melody brought us that's
funny cause my brother my blood brother
producer name is VV s Pitts and your
name is VV s melody so it's kinda it's
kind of funny you I think we done with
that B yo the merge website is open for
your game let's get it three lucky
buyers will be able to get the free
junkies that I made that probably won't
drop but I think I think I think I'm
done for today so I might just come back
tomorrow and then we're gonna make movie
so I'm gonna be back two more at the
same time one like 990 m la time so
probably like 12 p.m. Miami like it's
gonna be like 7 p.m. for friends like
Europe so stay awake yo and let's get it
I thought y'all tomorrow