Supporting Restaurateurs Since Inception

10 January
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With the goal to support the passion of restaurateurs through cutting-edge technology, TouchBistro was founded in 2010. As an organization, TouchBistro knows that while passion is plenty in this industry, time and money usually aren’t. That’s why TouchBistro was built as an iPad POS and integrated payments solution that helps restaurateurs put more money in their pockets and more time back in their day.

In an interview with Insights Success, Alex Barrotti, CEO & Founder of TouchBistro describes the story of the organization.

Below are the highlights of the interview between Alex and Insights Success;

Give a brief overview of the company, its uniqueness and its vision.

TouchBistro is an iPad POS and integrated payments solution with every feature designed for the unique workflows of restaurants to achieve optimum operational efficiency, deliver an exceptional dining experience for patrons, and take the guess work out of making business decisions to improve the bottom line.

Describe your company’s cutting-edge food & beverages solutions which address all the needs of your customers?

TouchBistro was built from the ground up to work as the heart of a restaurant’s operations by streamlining and simplifying all aspects of running a restaurant – from order taking, payment processing, menu management, accounting, reporting, and inventory management, to staff scheduling and customer loyalty – and continues to add functionality that restaurateurs need most. We carefully listen to our customers to guide product development, so we solve the problems they have. As we are focused only on the restaurant vertical, our award-winning product development team gets to design workflows and use cases that are specifically tailored for restaurants and benefit the lives of restaurateurs. This creates a best-of-breed solution for the restaurant vertical.

Cost is a sensitive issue for restaurateurs. With TouchBistro, they don’t overpay for features they don’t need that are often found in POS solutions that were designed initially for other types of businesses, like those that sell clothes or repair cars. In TouchBistro, the functions are essential to running a restaurant – such as our patented bill splitting or combining feature, management of restaurant staffing, inventory tracked against dinners served, table assignment and reservations control – which may not be found in other POS solutions that are not specifically built for restaurants. High cost proprietary POS hardware has also been a problem for restaurateurs with legacy systems. To resolve this problem, TouchBistro was designed to run on any offthe- shelf iPad available at an authorized reseller. In addition to lower or comparable monthly license fees, TouchBistro offers a flexibility in the choice of integrated payment processors, so restaurateurs can choose the one they prefer. Many POS solutions do not offer this flexibility which can significantly impact the total cost of ownership of a POS solution with higher bill processing fees.

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