Sports nutrition for muscle mass

28 December 2020

Gaining muscle mass is a fairly complex process that requires an athlete to pay attention in all areas, whether it is a normal training process, recovery or nutrition. Now various pharmaceutical manufacturers offer a huge variety of various supplements not only for weight loss, but also for accelerated muscle gain. But which ones are really working? You can learn more about this if you look at the site


For example, the information portal JBH News describes in detail such a drug as Primobolan.

Let's try to understand this.

Primobolan is a mild anabolic steroid that is available both as an oral drug and as an injection.

As it is written in the article, this drug is well suited for athletes who want to gain exceptionally high-quality dry mass without pronounced side effects and kickbacks. Primobolan has the formula of dihydrotestosterone and this is due to its effect on the body. This steroid has a smaller effect relative to testosterone, but is also safer.

The second most popular is clenbuterol. He is also often called the favorite of Hollywood, because Actresses very often sin by using Clenbuterol for the purpose of rapid weight loss.

According to information from the JBH News website for example, clenbuterol is a drug that is used in medicine to treat bronchial asthma, but in recent years it has found widespread use in bodybuilding and fitness due to its ability to burn fat. It is also often used by athletes for weight loss and drying.

At the same time, despite the abundance of supplements for muscle gain, another best option is still the usual protein. It is known that recovery proceeds better with a large amount of protein, and it is possible to fill protein needs with ease with the help of a protein supplement.