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Disciples 2: Dwarfs Kingdom

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Nine months - and new mod was born!

In one of the previous articles, we interviewed Nazar, the author of the Dwarfs Kingdom modification. His mod was released last week.

Despite the concerns of the modder himself, the Disciples 2 community greeted his project quite warmly. The overwhelming majority of fans of the game spoke about the modification in a positive way.

The author was charged with positive energy and continued to work on improving his creation. Future is to take on other races of Nevendaar.

Well, today we will turn our gaze to the dwarves and find out what changes the armies of the Mountain Clans have undergone.


Capital screen
Capital screen

The weather in the kingdom of the dwarves have become even more severe. It snows in the city incessantly around the clock. But snowstorms are not a hindrance to the dwarf engineers. They have recently made a breakthrough in the architectural field.

Previously, there were only 24 buildings in the arsenal of clan builders. In fashion, their number has increased to 62!

The new design of the photos, the original lines of transitions between buildings, reflecting the features of the progression of units and, in fact, the buildings themselves - all this looks A+. Beautiful, organic, unique! I would like to build all the buildings and linger on the main screen of the capital to admire the animations of the buildings. Just a lovely sight!

They will break bones, stun, poison, and even lower the level!

The warrior tree changes are perhaps the most extensive in the entire mod. Even the Norvezskaya Semga, in comparison with the Dwarf’s Kingdom, cannot provide such a scale in the variations of the leveling of warriors.

Consider all new branches of warriors and assess their combat potential.

The Warriors we know from the original have undergone minor changes. Now their horned helmets and chain mail give at least some protection. They began to receive a little less health and damage per level, but this does not upset at all, because in extremely rare cases (sagas where only t2 is available) progress stops at this stage of unit development.

Already at the third level, the Warrior can follow 3 paths of development:

Guardian - a unit that preserves the armor of its predecessor, in addition to increasing health and damage, receives an additional effect to the main attack. With a small 25% chance, he can deal 35 more damage.

Guardian Captain is a warrior capable of attacking any target. His armor increases to 20. The already powerful attack of 90 damage is amplified by an additional 50 with a 40% chance of triggering. In addition, the initiative of this unit will grow with the level.

An alternative to the Guardian Captain cross-class route is the Warrior tree with a double attack.

Branch of units with double attack.

The Lumberjack is the first unit in this branch. He removes his armor, gaining additional health instead. Double attack for 35 damage with 80% accuracy.

Next, the choice is the Son of Battle, who somehow learned to poison enemies with the blows of his axes, or the Greatest Blacksmith, who, instead of poison, has an increased accuracy of attacks.

At the final level, the Sons of Battle become Rune Masters. The chance of poisoning for them is increased by 10%.

The Greatest Blacksmiths pass the baton to the Dwarf Kings. They have got a second attack in vogue. Instead of being resistant to water and mind, they now have protection from paralysis and petrification. The accuracy of their attacks has also increased to 90%.

If you decide not to branch out, then the following options for improving the Warrior are waiting for you.

The Protector continues to build up his armor. It deals the same amount of damage as its colleague Guardian, but this unit cannot inflict "Injury", and it is also inferior in health. Harsh pay for only +5 extra protection.

Further, the Protector can retrain into the Thunder Rider, or the Bonecrusher.

Thunder Rider shocks enemies with, as you might have guessed, thunderclaps. Shock lowers enemies by a 50% chance. Also, this unit increases its defense by 10 and initiative by 5.

Bonecrusher gains the ability to stun his enemies. Success rate for paralysis is 40%. He gets a little less armor, only +5.

If the Protector is not seduced by the branches, then his next step will be the Defender of the Mountains. This unit's defense is doubled. For this, he pays for a relatively low attack for a t4 unit - only 85.

Next, he chooses the final upgrade: The King's Guard or the Lord of the North.

The King's Guard gets another +15 armor, as well as all elemental resists, but the damage from his attack leaves much to be desired.

The Lords of the North, on the contrary, do not overgrow with wards and armor, but they get the opportunity to attack with two elements at once - air and fire. This mechanic is similar to the "Mutilation" effect, only if in the first case the damage occurs with a certain probability, the second attack of the Lords deals damage with a 100% chance.

All these units are just one major leveling branch, but there is another!

Alternative to the Warrior
Alternative to the Warrior

Dwarves, who received the second level, can also become Habitues of Tavern. These fighters have the highest attack of all T2 units. And even the Imperial Knights, who stand a whole step higher, can envy their health.

The branch that originates in the Tavern was clearly intended to be the damage dealers branch. Next, the Habitues of Tavern decide who they will be when they decide to leave the pub.

The first path leads to the Ice King through the Veteran we know from the original game, who received an additional 25 HP.

The Ice King is a completely new unit that gains water resistance and frost immunity. He attacks with a weapon himself, but with a 70% probability he is able to throw frostbite. Possesses good health.

In case you are planning to get units of the fifth tier for this branch, you should consider another option. The path of the arena fighters is longer, but also more interesting.

The Arena Fighter is an ordinary fighter who has impressive amount of damage and health for his level.

The Honorable Warrior has also become seriously mature, having additionally received protection from weakening and slow.

But the Northern Warrior, being at the same level with the old-new Veteran, loses to him in attack power and vitality.

On the other hand, the next step - Jarl - more than compensates for the costs of his predecessor. It deals high damage with an extended crit, which the author designated as "Armor Break", and boasts good health.

It seems that not only humans with their Inquisitors declared war on the Nevendaar scum, because the Aurors appeared in the ranks of the dwarfs. Their attack power is small, but they do damage not with weapons, but with life itself. In addition, undead and demons will feel double damage from their blows on their own skin. And the Auror himself is protected from death magic and has immunity to insidious mind magic.

All styles and colors!

The Clan’s archer tree has never been diverse. But in fashion, it has expanded significantly.

Disciples 2: Dwarfs Kingdom

Now progress starts not with the Crossbowman, but with the Archer. He took over all the characteristics of the tier 2 unit and is no different from the original.

Then there are 2 short branches and two long ones.

Sentinel is a double attack shooter. Choosing it will allow you to distribute damage across several targets, depending on the priorities of the player and the course of the battle.

The Artificer is a warrior who, in addition to the usual weapon attack, is also capable of breaking armor. Auxiliary attack type - Life - allows you to effectively reduce the defense of all enemies that are not immune to the "Armor Break" effect. The unit also has an initiative of 50, which allows it to compete with most of the front-line warriors. Additionally, protected from poison.

We figured out the short branches, let us see what awaits us in the long ones.

The Crossbowman is a slightly stripped-down version of the original Defender of the Forge. Lowered attack and health.

But the Defender of the Forge himself surpasses himself from the original in all respects, including initiative.

Ironbeard, a unique armored shooter, competes with him at tier 4. Even if his armor is far from the strength of the stone skin of a Gargoyle, but he can stand in the back row and fire at enemy lines from behind the backs of stronger fighters. And he shoots quite powerfully.

And finally, the Carabinieri. He can rightfully be considered the strongest single-attack factional shooter. Under the Archdruid’s buff, his shot can lay down even the toughest opponents. Initiative and health have also grown.

Well, our old friend, the Fire Thrower, has not gone anywhere, and even got a more qualified colleague.

The Fire Thrower itself hasn't changed in any way. Its upgrade - the Pyromancer Engineer - doesn't differ much from its predecessor. He has increased damage and health. Alas, there are no more key features for the new one.

Hermits in a dwarf harem!

The mage tree in the original was actually a support tree. The player usually built buildings for getting the Archdruid. Everything in fashion has changed cardinally. Now this tree, which roots come from an empty building in which no one can be hired, is replete with a mass of upgrading options, both more obvious and extraordinary.

One of the author's non-trivial decisions is the War Maidens branch.

The War Maiden in all her characteristics is close to a normal tier 2 warrior, except that 5 points of damage migrated to the initiative. By the health amount, she takes her place between the Knight and the Berserker. Otherwise, nothing remarkable.

At the third level, she can become a Jealousy, having received all the accompanying enhancements and an additional 20 armor, or a Combatant, whose main advantage is a higher attack, protection from fear, and the ability to go to the Dwarf Queen.

The Dwarf Queen already gains immunity to fear, but otherwise she does not stand out much among other warriors and loses to her competitors from the tree of fighters in all respects, except for initiative.

This branch is an interesting and fresh solution in terms of gameplay, however, practice shows that it is preferable to equip the squad with a buffer, especially since a new tier of Alchemists has appeared in the mod!

Disciples 2: Dwarfs Kingdom

The Loremaster combines two buffering paths. Now players will be more willing to go to the Alchemist branch, which is undoubtedly a big plus. In addition, the initiative of this unit is no longer 10, but 20. With this ratio, you can have a chance to overtake, at least, enemy disables or healers.

But the most important thing is yet to come. The Clan Mage Tree has finally acquired a full-fledged branch of this competence!

The Runecaster is a first-level mage who is barely inferior in characteristics to the Scientist, the hero of the clans. Of course, the opportunity to hire him in the window of the city or capital will appear only after the construction of two buildings "Shack" and "Mountain Lair". And it costs 100 gold, like a Hill Giant, which goes like two units.

Further, he can follow the classic path of development, turning into a Highlander, or he can go to the summoner branch.

The old trinity of Highlander, Hermit and Wolfmaster has been reimagined.

The experience bar for Highlander's levelup has been lowered from 1500 to 1325.

The Hermit is seriously nerfed. Now, for overlevelling, he needs not the usual 1000 experience, but as much as 2025! Damage reduced by 10! Health dropped from 250 to 165!

The Wolfmaster also lost in HP (it was 225, now 175), compared to the original, the bar of experience has slightly decreased, but the author added +10 attack to him.

But the oldies can barely withstand the competition with the new units.

The new werewolf mages added by the author are not inferior in strength to the original ones, and in some way even superior.

Beorn with the transformation into the Beast’s spirit is stronger than the regular Wolfmaster and his Fenrir form, but his attacks source is weapon, which means it is ineffective against units with immunity to normal attacks.

The Spirit Conductor is almost identical to the Wolfmaster. The Yeti Spirit form, which allows him to save elemental damage when reincarnating, will allow him to fight equally effectively against undead.

It remains only to behold the power of the summoners!

The Rune Summoner is able to harness three units: Heaven Maiden (healer), Water Elemental (a unit with an elemental attack on any target through the battlefield), and the Stone Golem (a melee warrior with weapon damage). The summoner himself has 50 initiative, which will increase by 1 with overlevel, and during his turn he will be able to summon only one unit. Considering that the Runecaster, from which it is upgraded out, will not appear in the squad immediately, and the bar of experience for the levelup is slightly higher than that of the other warriors in the army, we can conclude that this summoner is a very situational choice. Nevertheless, in the building "Summoning Halls" it will be possible to hire another unique unit, but first things first.

The High Rune Priest differs from his predecessor not only in increased initiative, but also in the arsenal of summoned creatures. All of them are improved versions of those units that were summoned by a regular Rune Priest of the second level: Wotan's Messenger can resurrect the fallen, Ice Elemental throw frostbite, Titanium Golem deals more damage, and a new conscript fighter, Magma Elemental, expands the range of elemental damage to the army.

Given that there are no healers in the regular troops of the Clans, Summoners can be useful if they manage to summon healers in battle and ensure their survival in battle so that they can heal wounds and resurrect the fallen.

Burn, burn brightly, so as not to go out!

The support tree, which was traditionally occupied by giants in the Mountain Clan faction, has also been expanded.

Disciples 2: Dwarfs Kingdom

If you are sure that the elemental damage to your squad is already enough, you should think about entering the Destroyer. This giant has much more initiative, damage and health than other tier 3 giants. He is also immune to power lowers and has slightly higher attack accuracy.

The Fire Giant has come to compete with the ice ones. In addition to the type of damage, there are not so many cardinal differences with the frosty brother. Slightly more damage, slightly less health.

The Volcanic Giant, by analogy with its predecessor, is not much different from the Son of Ymir in the branch of ice giants. His main attack is stronger, but the periodic damage is less, as well as his health.

A new kind of giants can give fight to the Blue Dragons, which previously presented a certain difficulty for an army consisting entirely of Hermits and the Sons of Ymir.

There are many unique ones, but I am the only one!

It remains for us to consider only unique units from the so-called "hidden" branches.

There are three buildings in total that allow you to hire special creatures. One thing we have already mentioned is the Summoning Halls.

The Flame Dragon is a slightly weaker version of the Green Dragon. He is endowed with immunity to his elements, but his attack and health reserve are slightly less than that of his brother. Moreover, there is no dragon regeneration. But there is an opportunity to grow to the Crystal Dragon when the Heart of the Mountain is built.

The Crystal Dragon is already superior to the green one, but it is still far from red. Attack and health have increased. The fire-breathing did not receive more unique features.

But the player will not be able to hire dragons if he has chosen a different branch of evolution in the tree of magicians, but it will not be difficult to dilute his squad with more familiar animals!

Not all the wolves are equally neutral. A Ferocious Wolf is an animal tamed and trained by dwarfes, recruited, and upgraded in the same building - Kennel (you can build in the same section as the Guild / Temple / Tower of Magic). He has the initiative of an ordinary melee fighter and deals almost the same damage as a normal wolf but has a lower health.

Its improved version - the Wolves Leader - catches up with the HP of the neutral gray, but the bite becomes more painful, and the damage over time ability, which the author designated as "Bleeding", can be thrown with a 40% chance.

Out of the long Nevendaar dormancy and unprecedented hitherto clubfeet, which are known only as Mountain Bears. They are hired in the neighborhood with the wolves, in the Bear's Lair. They are fast, strong and can make enemies flee with their roar with a small 15% chance.

Mountain clans’ bears are no match for simple white bears, although they are inferior to those in speed and HP. But the dwarfs have forged excellent armor for them, and their roar has become more than twice as impressive.

You will not be able to hire both wolves and bears into the army at the same time, so you first have to decide on who you want more, and only then build the corresponding building.

A few words in the end...

The Dwarfs Kingdom mod is good and, so far, has no analogues in terms of such detailed work on one race. This is its advantage over other modifications. But you can only enjoy the game with the Mountain Clans. With the modification, it will be pleasant and interesting to go through a saga, map or custom scenario.

If you would like to learn more about this project, then do not forget to visit our website norvezskayasemga.pro. In the Community section, you can find links to streamers who have already made video reviews for the modification.

But I advise you not to dwell on the stage of text-visual acquaintance for a long time and play by yourself!

Thanks for attention :)