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Disciples 2: MNS 1.43X - TEXT REVIEW. Part II

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Strongest among the Highlanders!

There are a lot of different video reviews of Norvezskaya Semga’s mod. But for fans of the reading, we have specially prepared a series of articles, which will include an analysis of all five factions plus a separate chapter devoted to neutrals.

Last time we talked about the Empire. Today we will look at the race of the dwarfs.

Mighty warriors and wise hermits!

Disciples 2: MNS 1.43X - TEXT REVIEW. Part II

The branch of warriors practically did not undergo any changes. Added two buildings for the T4 and T5 grade units.

Disciples 2: MNS 1.43X - TEXT REVIEW. Part II

The good old Warrior is no different from their original. Is that the price of healing is now 1 coin for 1 HP.

A Veteran in the mod got an extra attack with the effect of destroying armor by 10 points. You can also notice that some of the HP has been converted into armor. The cost of healing is also reduced as for some other units, which we will talk about next.

The Elder Veteran relies on all the same changes: added an attack of destroying armor by 20 points, but already with a probability of 90%. Less HP, more protection. The cost of building construction has been reduced compared to the vanilla.

The Dwarf King, renamed to Jarl, looks much more interesting in terms of innovations. Along with the changes typical for this branch, he received a double attack. Thus, his total damage is 100, and another 40 armor can be destroyed. The health is leveled and the bonus adds 10 armor, which the unit did not have in vanilla. But, the initiative dropped to 30.

The updated resists should be noted. If the Dwarf King had only protection from Water and Mind attacks, but the Jarl is resistant to Burn, Destruction, Poison, Frost, Petrification and Mind as well. And also do not forget about a significant reduction in the price of the "Palace" in which the warrior is improving.

We can say that the version of this unit from the head mod is better than the original warrior of the fifth tier.

The Runemaster, unlike his predecessors, parted with armor, but greatly increased the damage. He has 25 more health than the original. The ability to break armor has been preserved, as well as the initiative has grown (and will continue to grow up to the standard 50). Also, the cost of constructing a building for improvement has been reduced.

Disciples 2: MNS 1.43X - TEXT REVIEW. Part II

The new unit of the branch, the Keeper of the Runes, is an elemental warrior with a damage over time ability. Not deprived of armor. Has protection from the elements that constitute the source of his attacks. Unfortunately, the accuracy of strikes is not so great, but it grows faster than that of other brothers in arms.

Highlanders began to look more like typical magicians: less health (and HP growth), but slightly more attack (as well as its increase with level). The plank on the overlevel is slightly lowered. Otherwise, no major changes.

But the Wolfmaster has become completely different. His attack with transformation or damage across the entire battlefield was replaced by a call with initiative 50. Increases of this indicator allow him, already at level 6, to be ahead of most warriors, closing the frontline with the summoned Fenrir.

The summoned spirit itself is indistinguishable from the original, apart from the presence of immunity to the mind, which can be very useful in various situations.

It is worth noting that MNS, starting with the latest versions, uses the updated Mss32 proxy DLL for Disciples 2, which includes scripts that allow summoning units to summon creatures according to their level. This possibility actualizes not only the Wolfmaster, but also many other warriors of this type.

The Hermit has lost as much as 50 HP. Slightly improved accuracy of his additional attack. Reduced the cost of building. The experience threshold for taking the next level is significantly increased, because this unit has an improved version of T5.

Disciples 2: MNS 1.43X - TEXT REVIEW. Part II

The Priest of Ymir still loses in vitality to the original Hermit, but his attack not only increased, but also acquired a critical strike. The chance of a successful slow has also increased slightly. Added resists to Air and Water.

Unrivaled support!

Disciples 2: MNS 1.43X - TEXT REVIEW. Part II

Unlike the warrior tree, magicians have significantly expanded the possibilities.

Issa and Heissa compete with the Druid and the Archdruid, units that give reinforcement to two allies, and are also capable of removing negative effects.

Disciples 2: MNS 1.43X - TEXT REVIEW. Part II

Alchemists have received an improvement in the person of Eira. She also gives an extra attack to an allied warrior, but with a higher initiative. With the level, this indicator will increase by 3, and at level 9 it will hit the ceiling - 45 (an indicator that allows you to walk before melee warriors with some chance).

The Yeti is still there. He is also hired in a building that is being rebuilt in the mage tree, but the cost of construction has decreased by as much as 500 coins! But the price of the unit itself has increased by 50.

If we talk about its characteristics, you can notice not only the changed type of attack (now the Yeti does not deal direct damage, but hangs frostbite on the enemy army), but also as much as 30 points of armor.

Disciples 2: MNS 1.43X - TEXT REVIEW. Part II

Yammu, an upgrade from Yeti, gains a basic attack with direct damage, and also gains some extra health and immunity to frostbite.

There is a breakthrough!

Disciples 2: MNS 1.43X - TEXT REVIEW. Part II

The archer’s branch has been supplemented with two new units.

Disciples 2: MNS 1.43X - TEXT REVIEW. Part II

The Shaker is a powerful elemental shooter who, at its level, has no competitors in terms of the value of damage dealt to one target. The already high amount of damage epands with a critical strike. There is protection from the Earth.

The Defender of Forge is a little bit mature compared to the sample from the vanilla game. HP increased by 10, attack and initiative increased by 5. The gains have increased and an additional attack has appeared - destruction of armor by 10 points.

Disciples 2: MNS 1.43X - TEXT REVIEW. Part II

The Furnace Master replaced the Flamethrower, becoming a kind of intermediate link. It is a stripped-down version of the Flamethrower with relatively high direct attack damage and little burn damage.

The updated Thrower deals main damage with a dot, not direct damage. Since this is a tier 4 unit in the mod, it received much more health and attack growth. However, the bar for overleveling has almost doubled.

Indestructible Giants!

Disciples 2: MNS 1.43X - TEXT REVIEW. Part II

The tree of giants received a new branch, and the Sons of Ymir received an improvement.

Numerous requests from players have led to the fact that the accuracy of units occupying two cells on the battlefield has increased. This can be seen in the example of the Mountain Giant. Overall, this giant has barely changed, aside from the increased HP and Attack gains.

The Lord of Storms was asking for additional attack, and a slowdown was naturally added to it in the mod. An Air ward appeared. Construction of the building has become a little cheaper. But, unfortunately, the initiative of this unit is still too low. So much so that the disablers have a chance to take him out of combat without letting him walk.

In the case of the Viceroy of Wotan, the problem has been fixed. An initiative of 30 points with the rest of its characteristics should be more than enough for effective implementation in battle. This unit's second attack applies a long slow. The price for the construction of the building has been reduced.

Disciples 2: MNS 1.43X - TEXT REVIEW. Part II

The line of stone giants is somewhat similar to the gargoyles of the Legions. These are low-initiative two-cell armored shooters, whose attack source is the Earth. They have wards from their native elements and immunity to petrification. The Son of the Earth imposes poison, the source of which is also the Earth. Even Undead can be poisoned with such an attack!

The Son of Ymir is difficult to recognize. Now he attacks twice (apparently, to exclude the possibility of controlling this unit through wards against the elements). Compared to the original, this giant has lost 50 health and 5 initiative points. The cost of building has also been reduced.

Disciples 2: MNS 1.43X - TEXT REVIEW. Part II

If the Son of Ymir was a powerful unit, then Grymturs is already a real killing machine. The power of the double attack has increased by a total of 60, considering the frostbite. Paralysis immunity says ‘Hello’ to all disables. The power and dominance of this giant is undeniable.

Grins and growls menacingly.

Disciples 2: MNS 1.43X - TEXT REVIEW. Part II

In the last review, we paid attention to an innovation that first appeared in MNS, namely, the shadow branch of the development of a special unit. The Mountain Clans have chosen the Frostwolf to help them.

Disciples 2: MNS 1.43X - TEXT REVIEW. Part II

An initiative fighter without direct damage, applies frostbite twice to neighboring warriors. Has increased regeneration and frostbite immunity.

Its purchase along with the building will cost you 600 gold, but usually good mapmakers place a wolf in the capital so that the player starts upgrading it from the first day. This unit has two upgrade options, both implemented through the Warrior Tree.

Garm is a good alternative to the Shaker. Highly initiative (by the standards of dwarfs, certainly) spontaneous shooter with a damage over time ability. Increased accuracy and immunity to level drain.

The White Wolf is the same Snow Dog, but with a single elemental attack, however, which does good damage and imposes frostbite. This unit also has a Water ward.


The Clanes in the original are a rather monotonous sight. Better than a 5 Hermits stack is difficult to come up with something. Taking an Alchemist or Wolfmaster into the army was considered a daring experiment or bizarre fun.

MNS has radically changed the usual alignment, competently placing emphasis on the roles of certain units. It was enough to give additional destruction of armor to a warrior to make him want to go to Jarls or Runemasters. Having strengthened the Viceroys and cut down the Hermits, there was a reason to upgrading two-cell AoE units. And the appearance of Issa and Heissa is a fundamentally new experience in implementing a support unit and several new options for fresh sets.

Definitely, as well as for the Empire, it became much more interesting to play for the Mountain Clans.

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