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Double Dice results

What fell on the dice?

Last year eve December 30 the longest-playing tournament in the entire PvP history of Disciples 2 ended. It's time to sum up the results of this event, familiarize you with the statistics and congratulate the champions.

Double Dice results

Why Double Dice?

The name Double Dice refers to the precision system (roll) on which the vanilla version of the game is based as well as sMNS modification. Championship was held on Slasher Norvezhskaya Semga modification. You can read about this modification in a separate article. The DIIWANE CREW team acted as organizers, referees and presenters. The administration of the DIIWANE was helped in their difficult task by the most eminent map-makers, modders and streamers of the community, as well as guests invited from other communities. Also the enthusiasm shown by the players turned the next PvP event into the most memorable event of 2021.

Harsh selection

Every beginner could register for the qualifiers. All that was required from the participant was a stable Internet and the ability to stream the gameplay. The qualification games were held according to the Swiss system. 24 candidates took part in them. The first stage was especially remembered by the spectators and participants with mirror matches. On each map, players played in shifts for both races. A lot of interesting preparations, and no less amazing improvisations were presented to us by the first matches of the qualifiers. The subsequent games were also quite fierce. None of the candidates for a place in the Play-off did not want to concede to competitors. The newcomers fought with experienced players and showed an impressive level of skill. But, alas, not all idols and favorites of the public were able to get into the main stage. Someone was prevented by a banal failure, someone met an opponent of another weight category, and someone voluntarily refused further participation.

According to the results of the qualifiers 4 players had to go to the Wild Card Play-off. The audience's sympathy fell on the lucky ones: Fut, Mifestofel, Uchenik and Sharg. It is noteworthy that Ivan Risemyself, a streamer who had significant support due to the votes of his audience, could have been in the place of the future, but he preferred to withdraw from participation in order not to occupy the slot of a more experienced player (although according to the results of the vote, Ivan still lost to a competitor).

Another incident was related to the disqualification of a notorious player under the nickname Donpiton in view of the latter's non-appearance at one of the games.

So, after almost three and a half months, half of the candidates dropped out and a dozen participants were formed, ready to fight for the title of champion of the Double Dice tournament.

Double Dice results

Final confrontation

The main stage played off was packed exactly in a month was a pure concentrate of PvP battles in conditions of harsh and uncompromising maps. Unfortunately, not everyone was mentally prepared for such a cruel ordeal, and some matches were resolved in favor of the map makers. But, nevertheless, they did not lose in entertainment from this confrontation. The intensity of passions and tension of the players were broadcast to the audience by the unique commentators Nexx, Eker (who also acted as a map-maker, and literally dried up a couple of players with his works), Wh1terrr (who himself was a participant in the tournament), as well as many charming and thoughtful guests of the observation deck.

The well-known triple reached the final: leonik, findme, Wh1terrr, as well as the dark horse, persistent newcomer Prostofilat. As a result, Timur, having defeated leonik, took the third place. Filat, who tried with all his might to fight back against the grandmaster Disciples, snatched the silver for himself. And the gold went to Wh1terrr.

The most sensational events of the main stage were the resounding victories of newcomers over veterans of the old school: Victor's triumph over Fut (the top-1 player at that time according to the discord server DIIWANE CREW), and Leonik's loss to Filat.

The unprecedented high prize money - $ 1000 - was divided among the winners as follows: gold (Wh1terrr) - $ 600, silver (Prostofilat) - $ 300, bronze (findme) - $ 100.


The tournament officially ended on December 30, but at the initiative of the organizers, the so-called "Justice League" was formed. 8 participants who were not lucky enough to demonstrate all their skills in the framework of Double Dice will come together again in a heated battle to prove to the audience: "they are capable of more!" Wait for the official announcement of the first League game in the Discord channel DIIWANE.

Double Dice results

Some members of the community were so inspired by the matches that they began to compile detailed statistics of the games. Many thanks to the discord participant under the nickname @Rimskiy, who organized and systematized most of the information. You can get acquainted with it in more detail at this link.

The results of the tournament gave new food for thought. Now sMNS is on the verge of a new update, and the whole community is waiting with bated breath for the next championship, which will be held on the three best modifications of Disciples 2. If you feel an irresistible desire to show everyone what you are worth in the game, then be sure to apply for participation. Follow the news on the website norvezskayasemga.pro, and see you on the battlefields of Nevendaar