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Lore-Minute Disciples 2. Hubert de Lalye

Distant parent of the Emperor, Hubert's ambition is to take over the throne and command the Empire.
Distant parent of the Emperor, Hubert's ambition is to take over the throne and command the Empire.

In the last article we shared with you the false facts and theories about Erhog the Dark.

This female necromancer was an accomplice of one of the game's key antagonists, a character who featured in all four campaigns, Hubert de Lalye.

Let's talk about what this villain is famous for and what role he played in the events of the Dark Prophecy.

It is reliably known that...

Hubert de Lalye was a blood bond of Bernard de Cahuzac, a rebel who captured the city of Andros during the First Great Wars. It was he who, according to the first mission scenario of campaign for the Empire in Disciples: Sacred Lands have had to defeat the player.

Andross. The city captured by the rebellious nobleman Bernard de Cayuzac
Andross. The city captured by the rebellious nobleman Bernard de Cayuzac

This is evidenced by the briefing of the third mission for the Legions of the Damned. During the mission the demons must conclude an unholy alliance with Hubert to implement Uther's insidious plan.

The rebellious nobleman had supporters among almost all factions: he had started a civil war in the Empire, subdued the Death Cult led by Erhog and made an alliance with the demons.

Among the highlanders no one joined the troublemaker. However during the second mission of the campaign for the dwarves we confront Hubert and his vile minions, who have already seized power in the human kingdom.

Hubert de Lalye manipulated the Undead Hordes. Although he did not directly command the Mortis army but he had been using the undead for some time to drain the Empire's forces and eliminate his enemies.

The gang Shadow Wolves he favored had ingratiated themselves with the Hordes and had helped the undead until Hubert came to power. After that bandits tried to lure the Mortis commanders into a trap and get rid of the unwanted allies.

Lore-Minute Disciples 2. Hubert de Lalye

Hubert de Lalye was not only bloodthirsty sadist but also a rapist. He organized inhumane orgies where he tortured innocent girls. This is evidenced by some briefings and in-game dialogues.

The troublemaker met his end at Findar. In desperate attempt to kill Demosthenes who was hiding from traitors in the residence of Inquisitor Philippe d'Azincourt, Hubert first smoked out Huge spiders from the Silk Forest, which destroyed the nearby imperial garrisons and then went on the attack himself.

When was seemed that the defeat of the empire already imminent, Uther appeared with troops of highlanders who had descended from the Gryphon Heights. De Lailly realized too late that the boy had betrayed him. Uther destroyed Hubert and stood triumphantly in front of his father.

It can be assumed that...

The Bone Lord's armor was worn by one of the Imperial nobles who supported the de Lailly rebellion.

Lore-Minute Disciples 2. Hubert de Lalye

Probably the armor has been created by Mortis and after discovered by the Erhog cultists who delivered them to Hubert. He offered to put them on one of his men.

Obviously this plan was necessary just in case the Shadow Wolves could not get rid of the Horde commanders which happened during the campaign plot.

If the power of the Ocean's Enchantment didn’t protected the Undead warlords, they would have obeyed the Bone Lord's will which meant that they would have joined de Lailly’s army and possibly turned the tide of the Empire's civil war.


Hubert de Lalye is a key character in the story, but despite the many details that can be gathered during gameplay of the campaigns they hardly add up to a complete picture.

He turned out to very ordinary villain and as the game boss he is quite weak.

Among the creators of fan content only few have tried to create a backstory for this character or at least fill in the gaps left in the original narrative.

It seems that Hubert de Lalye's fate - is to sink into obscurity after a crushing defeat at the hands of cursed child.