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Slasher MNS - PvP offshoot of the global MNS mod of Disciples II

Slasher MNS - PvP offshoot of the global MNS mod of Disciples II

Beginning of the new era — Mods franchising

Once again an incredible event happened in the Disciples II community. The team of the DIIWANE channel has agreed with the author of MNS on the lease and the right to use intellectual property to create a PvP expansion of the mod.

Norvezskaya Semga gave the «go-ahead» and the best minds of the community began to develop a rebalance that would make the modification more playable in the "player versus player" format. The developed amendments were quickly implemented in the mod and so the first version of sMNS was born.

What is slasher MNS?

sMNS and the Norvezskaya Semga mod are not identical modifications! The main product is still MNS. Slasher MNS is a sub modification that will be developed in parallel, taking into account the needs of players in the PvP segment, such as:

  • Cultivation and stimulation of a high-tempo game - the ability to reach T5 in 2-3 hours.
  • The possibility of adequate battles in the late-game with the use of units of the maximum range.
  • Full disclosure of the potential of global modification in PvP with all the variety and variability that MNS can give.
  • Moving away from PvE aspects of modification with long-term abusing on neutrals and farming in a PvP format with incessant opposition of opponents.

The full changelog of sMNS can be read on the official DIIWANE server.

Games on slasher MNS

All ranking matches on sMNS will be played and commented on DIIWANE channel. You can find out about dates of the first games on Slasher mod 25.06.21 - the day of the grand opening of the YouTube channel.

All PvP battles like M.M.M. format will be counted and covered by the most charismatic and experienced commentators.

All these actions made to bring PvP Disciples II to a whole new level!

More information about the development of the "player versus player" direction can be found on the Discord server Wh1terrr and Co.

We invite all fans of domination in online battles here you will not find any fan fiction or sheets from the game lore only harsh PvP.

Subscribe to the DIIWANE channel. Follow the news on the website norvezskayasemga.pro. And see you at the next match, friends!