Google Local Guides program details

23 January

Google launched a new program called Google Local last February 16, which is an initiative of Google Fiber. Local Guides was previously known as City Guides program until February 16, 2021 when it changed into Local Guides. This service enables its users to add relevant information to Google Maps for various areas such as location-based searches, transportation, business listings and shopping. The new program also enables users to gather local information from other internet resources like blogs, reviews, forums, etc.

Google has now launched Local Guides with even more features and enhancements than before. The new Local Guides Program now includes reviews from local experts like journalists and business owners, reviews of local restaurants, guides to travelers, and recommendations of other websites and offline people. Users can now contribute information to Google map by visiting the Google Maps page, then clicking on 'Contributions' drop-down menu. Once you choose a category, you will be directed to the Google map page where you can either add your contributions or comments.

Google has taken different steps to make Google Local Guides more popular among its users and gain huge returns on them. Initially Google launched these guides with very few features but with time it added more features to attract more people. Now Google has introduced two new badges systems on the Google Maps page that allows its users to gain points and show the Google Local Guides tab. The badges are provided to all the contributors and are displayed on their Google map pages. These badges can be collected and used by other users as their personal badge so that they can show the world that they are associated with Google Local Guides.

Google gamified Local program further uses the Google+ community feature to promote the Google+ community page. With every update on the Google+ community page, Google Maps page also gets updated. The more the number of users that visit the local guide's page with positive reviews, the more the Google+ community page becomes visible to the Google Maps.

Google gamification is based on positive reviews and provides various levels of badges and Google+ community page rewards to those who help in spreading the word. This form of promotional strategy is really great as it gives businesses a chance to measure the success of their marketing campaigns. With these kinds of Google Local Guides, businesses do not need to invest huge amounts of money on Google ad campaigns. Google Local Guides program benefits not only businesses but also local, small business owners. The Google Local Guides program is really great and it serves as a medium for businesses to spread the word to their potential customers through different social media platforms.

Google Local Guides program not only benefits small scale local businesses but large international businesses as well. Google has made it easier for businesses to market their products and services globally. The Google+ Local program offers the same benefits as Google local guide. However, this program allows businesses to answer questions from their target customers directly through local Google+ pages. Google has made the Google+ Local application easy and functional enough to allow businesses to answer questions and engage in discussions with customers.