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Essay. Delema

Some people think that first you need to help other people, and then save yourself. Others are convinced that if you do not help yourself, no one else will and one should not think about anyone.

Personally, I think that in this situation I would choose the first option. It is really important to stay in my boat and hope that we are all rescued in five hours time. If I was in similar situation, I would help bail out the water and would not leave the damaged boat. On the other hand, if I left the boat and joined a friend, it would have a negative impact on the emotional level drowning people. They could get upset and not fight for their lives.

However, there are many timid and ignorant people in the world. Most of them lack willingness and motivation to help others. Some people are not ready to invest time, effort and their lives for the sake of others.

To conclude, I think that it is vital to rescued people from certain death in dangerous situations. Helping people should become an important part of our behavior. It could increase our wisdom and make our live more meaningful.