War of the Nine Moons. Part 1

3 November 2017

( the image is from open sourse)
( the image is from open sourse)
( the image is from open sourse)


Nobody knows when did it all start. All those who knew of the human kind have already died in the War. Mages knew, for sure, but nobody asked them about these causes. Even those rare captured by humans were never asked.

The War had begun for 76 years before my birth. At the age of 3 I have already known all the borders between human lands and mage lands. At the age of 5 I learnt how to kill them. At the age of 10 I killed my first. I am not proud of that.

Humans cannot do harm to each other. This is the real wonder. After the War had raged people became paranoid. They saw mages in every person who differed. They killed every person who differed. It seemed that they forgot about their real enemy. They killed thousands of their own people.

Then one ancient mage showed up. He had no interest in the War, so he gave the Great Gift to the human kind. Ever since humans couldn’t do harm to each other. Nobody could break this rule and It was never broken.

This mage was the first who tried to help humans, but he wasn’t the last. Different mages saved human kind from vanishing. They gave their own lives for that, for mages never forgive betrayals. And now we have various artefacts and amulets, which were made to help us during the War. We are alive because of them. We are not defeated because of them.


The loud yawl of the Serin woke me up that day. This artefact warns about the approaching human or mage. I lifted up my head immediately and prepared to wait. Soon I saw a coming figure. I touched my sword. Damn! I forgot the Light Shield in my coat. Delusion Leaf in my pocket gave me a little peace. It will give me a moment to act. It will be enough.

- Peace to Anserrot! – said the stranger quietly.

He didn’t attack. Anyway, I must be cautious.

- Eternal light, - I answered to him, - Here I have the Light Shield, I’m sure that you have heard of it.

- I have, - he confirmed, - We’re not enemies.

- Can I make sure of that?

- Sure.

The stranger raised his hands and bended his head. I reached him quickly and made a strike. The sword stopped very smoothly by his neck. Mages can’t to that. They have shields, which stop swords abruptly and with yellowish light. Surely I would have seen that.

- Can I? – the stranger asked.

- Of course, - I said and bend my head.

His big wide sword, looking like butcher’s knife, smoothly stopped by my neck. Simultaneously we heaved a sigh of relief.


- I am Oin from Larigma, - the stranger gave his name.

I wanted to present myself, but Oin interrupted me and laughed.

- Even out there, in the middle of nowhere we know who owns the Light Shield. You are Tusseo from Serra.

- Do you consider me unworthy there in the middle of nowhere? – I wondered.

- It depends, - Oin eluded the straight answer, making fire, - As for me, things like this cannot just appear accidentally in somebody’s hands.

- Do you think that they choose their owner?

- May be. They are full of magic; they can be considered alive at some point, – He was looking at the Serin, - Can we rely on it? I want to eat without any surprises. For the first time during two weeks.

- Yes, - I nosed in reply, - You are a brave person. You made such a way all alone. I assume, that you have very strong reasons for that?

- I want to speak with Iklur.

Iklur is the second person in the whole Anserrot. He is the second only because of his age. If he was younger, he would accept the title of Taarin, the leader. But he was very wise man, and he couldn’t deny it. Lots of people searched for his advice. Iklur never refused to help.

Oin didn’t look like a strong warrior, but he made his way. It would be unfair if he die here, next to his destination.

- I will accompany you, - I said to him unexpectedly for myself.

- I will be glad, - Oin smiled.

By the next morning we reached the city and bade farewell. Oin said that he will be glad to see me in his place. I couldn’t imagine, how soon I will be there.

Translated by: loony_kawaoi