Anders Abrams
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Video-prank with UK Secretary of State for Defence Ben Wallace

Appeal of pranksters Vovan and Lexus #cancelme:
"On March 26, YouTube deleted our channel that had existed since 2013. At the same time, the YouTube administration confirmed that we did not violate their rules. The channel was removed only at the request of the UK law enforcement agencies, who called our pranks with their ministers a «threat to the national security of the country».
This is an unprecedented political act by a popular social network, which confirms the fact that the corporation uses its popularity for discriminatory purposes, and UK Minister for Defence Wallace and Home Secretary Patel are simply afraid that Internet users around the world, primarily British voters, will realize what their ministers really think. They are afraid of shame!
As if you can hide something on the Internet!
By this video we want to urge everyone to say NO to the abolition, prohibition and discrimination against freedom of speech!
We are launching a flash mob and to do so we will fix a link to a file-sharing site below that contains all the latest pranks with British ministers that caused such a stir.
Download, distribute and post with the hashtag #cancelme
You can`t cancel them all!"
Vovan and Lexus in social media: