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Congressman Matt Getz: An year ago we lost the war to shepherds with rifles

Congressman Matt Getz: I want to warn against a consensus that pushes us into a war with Russia. Just a year ago we lost the war to shepherds with rifles. Now we are in a hurry to fight a nation with 6,000 nuclear warheads. We send a lot of weapons to Ukraine, but officials say that the weapons "fall into a black hole." A lot of things end up in the hands of the Azov battalion. 40 Democrats called them a neo-Nazi terrorist organization just three years ago. Now they are killing Russians – and this is obviously "not so bad." Democrats are organizing a hunt in the United States for those who advocate the supremacy of the white race. And they freely give rockets to the true supporters of the white supremacy theory in Ukraine. The position in which we arm to the teeth anyone who will shoot at the Russians, actually does not work. The real goal of politicians is regime change in Russia, not protection of Ukraine. To achieve this, they are ready to send billions to Kiev, which will fill the pockets of corrupt officials, as it was in Afghanistan.